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IT - Italia 1209
SE - Svezia 620
DE - Germania 562
CN - Cina 530
VN - Vietnam 469
IE - Irlanda 255
IN - India 231
FR - Francia 179
RU - Federazione Russa 170
UA - Ucraina 136
TG - Togo 107
BE - Belgio 101
ZA - Sudafrica 95
JO - Giordania 87
AT - Austria 69
EE - Estonia 68
BG - Bulgaria 51
ES - Italia 32
GR - Grecia 25
CI - Costa d'Avorio 24
HR - Croazia 24
SC - Seychelles 24
CH - Svizzera 23
PT - Portogallo 22
CA - Canada 21
PK - Pakistan 21
PL - Polonia 21
KR - Corea 20
FI - Finlandia 13
HN - Honduras 13
IR - Iran 13
TR - Turchia 9
JP - Giappone 8
NL - Olanda 8
BZ - Belize 7
LY - Libia 7
RO - Romania 7
AU - Australia 6
CL - Cile 6
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
NG - Nigeria 6
IL - Israele 4
LB - Libano 4
MA - Marocco 4
AR - Argentina 3
EU - Europa 3
HK - Hong Kong 3
LT - Lituania 3
MY - Malesia 3
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DZ - Algeria 2
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KZ - Kazakistan 1
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SN - Senegal 1
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Cesena 87
Berlin 85
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Taiyuan 15
Parma 14
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Verona 14
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Norwalk 13
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Tappahannock 10
Fuzhou 9
Lanzhou 9
San Pedro Sula 9
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Ravenna 8
Ancona 7
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Momignies 7
Napoli 7
San Venanzo 7
Tripoli 7
Udine 7
Weimar 7
Abeokuta 6
Duncan 6
Tokyo 6
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Nome #
Study of oxidative stability of cold-pressed hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) seed oil 319
Metodo per produrre una soluzione oleosa a base di curcuma per uso alimentare 171
Combined approaches for the sensory “targetization” of volatile compounds in virgin olive oils by SPME-GC-FID 167
Rapid and innovative instrumental approaches for quality and authenticity of olive oils 156
A New Patented System to Filter Cloudy Extra Virgin Olive Oil 155
Influence of an innovative and promising gas clarification process on the quality of stored extra virgin olive oils 149
Assessment of the water content in extra virgin olive oils by Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) regression methods 146
A spectroscopic and chemometric study of virgin olive oils subjected to thermal stress 145
An HS-GC-IMS Method for the Quality Classification of Virgin Olive Oils as Screening Support for the Panel Test 138
Multi-analytical approach for monitoring the freezing process of a milkshake based product 135
Sustainability and quality in the food supply chain. A case study of shipment of edible oils 131
Accelerated Oxidative Resistance Profiling Test for Olive Oil using the Bruker microESR Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer 131
Practical Determination of Solid Fat Content in Fats and Oils by Single-Wavelength Near-Infrared Analysis 130
Quality evaluation of sunflower and hazelnut cold-pressed oils by a sensory approach 129
Effects of Heating on Virgin Olive Oils and Their Blends: Focus on Modifications of Phenolic Fraction 128
A Peer Inter-laboratory Study of SPME-GC-FID/MS Method for theAnalysis of Volatile Compounds in Virgin Olive Oils for Supporting Panel Test: Extracted Conclusions and Future Directions 128
Advances for a comprehensive evaluation of quality of virgin olive oil: in the search of reference materials 120
Macro and micro functional components of a spreadable olive by-product (pâté) generated by new concept of two-phase decanter 115
The volatile analysis of virgin olive oils to confirm/disconfirm the sensory classification: first hypothesis about limits and ranges. 114
Analysis of the oxidative power of an atmospheric plasma generated by a resistive barrier discharge device for food decontamination 113
Characterization of virgin olive oils produced with autochthonous Galician varieties 113
Chemical and Sensory Analysis of Commercial Tomato Juices Present on the Italian and Spanish Markets 111
Determination of fatty acids ethyl esters in virgin olive oils: proposals to enhance the EU official method 110
Effetto della filtrazione e della chiarificazione con gas inerti sulla qualità di oli vergini di oliva 109
Meat and meat products 109
Application of a non-targeted approach by Flash Gas Chromatography-E-nose to discriminate the geographical origin of virgin olive oils 109
Italian and Spanish commercial tomato sauces for pasta dressing: Study of sensory and head-space profiles by Flash Profiling and solid-phase microextraction-gas chomatography-mass spectrometry 108
Compliance with EU vs. extra-EU labelled geographical provenance in virgin olive oils: A rapid untargeted chromatographic approach based on volatile compounds 108
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Stored in Different Conditions: Focus on Diglycerides 107
EU project OLEUM: Better solutions to protect olive oil quality and authenticity 104
Chemical Composition and Sensory Quality of Tunisian ‘Sayali’ Virgin Olive Oils as Affected by Fruit Ripening: Toward an Appropriate Harvesting Time 104
Bitter, Pungency and Phenol Composition of Extra Virgin Olive Oils: A Study on Consumer Acceptability 102
Application of GC-IMS to discriminate virgin olive oils according to their sensory grades 102
Characterization of a Novel Oil obtained through the Co-milling of Olives and Hemp Seeds 101
A widely used spectrophotometric assay to quantify olive oil biophenols according to the health claim (EU Reg. 432/2012) 100
Do consumers recognize the positive sensorial attributes of extra virgin olive oils related with their composition? A case study on conventional and organic products 96
Caratterizzazione chimica di oli di oliva raffinati e di prodotti di seconda lavorazione (repaso) offerti sui mercati nazionale e internazionale 96
Virgin olive oil in preventive medicine: from legend to epigenetics 96
HS-GC-IMS: A Screening Method Discriminating Quality Grades in Virgin Olive Oils by Specific Volatile Compounds 96
Olive oil enriched in lycopene from tomato by-product through a co-milling process 95
Study on the Effects of Heating of Virgin Olive Oil Blended with Mildly Deodorized Olive Oil: Focus on the Hydrolytic and Oxidative State 93
Characterization of olive oils obtained fromwild olive trees (Olea ferruginea Royle) in Pakistan 93
Semi-industrial ultrasound-assisted virgin olive oil extraction: Impact on quality 93
Emerging trends in olive oil fraud and possible countermeasures 92
Peer inter-laboratory validation study of a harmonized SPME-GC-FID method for the analysis of selected volatile compounds in virgin olive oils 92
Peculiar attributes of a typical Italian salami from the Mora Romagnola pig breed: an integrated sensory and instrumental approach 91
Effects of Olive Trees Age on the Minor Components of Oueslati Virgin Olive Oils Produced from Olives Harvested at Different Ripening Degrees 90
Evaluation of Olive Oil Quality Grade using a Portable Battery-Operated Sensor System 90
Detection of low-quality extra virgin olive oils by fatty acid alkyl esters evaluation: a preliminary and fast mid-infrared spectroscopy discrimination by a chemometric approach 89
Bitter, Pungency and Phenol Composition of Extra Virgin Olive Oils: A Study on Consumer Acceptability 84
Sensory analysis and consumer acceptance of 140 high-quality extra virgin olive oils 83
Bitterness and pungency perceived in extra virgin olive oil and in other foods: is there any relation? 83
Building an effective tool to support the quality control of olive oil: the OLEUM Databank 83
Time Domain Reflectometry as a promising analytical approach for the determination of fatty acid ethyl esters in extra virgin olive oils 83
Rapid Screening of Fatty Acid Alkyl Esters in Olive Oils by Time Domain Reflectometry 82
Simulating international shipments of vegetable oils: focus on quality changes 82
Sensory Analysis of Virgin Olive Oil 81
Individual Variation in PROP Status, Fungiform Papillae Density, and Responsiveness to Taste Stimuli in a Large Population Sample 81
null 80
Comparison between volatiles analysis of extra virgin olive oils by flash gas chromatography (FGC) electronic nose and by solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) coupled with gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS) 79
Effect of Tunisian olive ripeness on endogenous enzymes and virgin olive oil phenolic composition 79
Characterization of virgin olive oils elaborated with ancient varieties from Galicia (NW Spain) 78
Some suggestions for the producers after the simulation of an oil journey: the risk can be oxidation. The Food Supply Chain project at Bologna University 77
Characterization of olive oil, collected and extracted in Pakistan, from wild olives (Olea ferruginea) 75
Flash gas chromatography electronic nose as a potential tool for rapid sensory screening of virgin olive oils 75
Metodi analitici per la determinazione di oli deodorati mild in oli extra vergini di oliva commerciali (Application of analytical methods to determine mildly deodorized olive oils in commercial extra virgin olive oils) 74
Rapid Screening of Virgin Olive Oils Quality Grades by HS-GC-IMS 74
Valorization of hemp seed oils with a sensory perspective 74
Changes in the composition of a cold-pressed hemp seed oil during three months of storage 74
"Zonation" of typical extravirgin olive oils by selected minor components and sensory evaluation; an Italian case study. 73
Effects of archaic olive and oil storage methods still used in southern Tunisia on olive oil quality 73
Excerpts from an overview on most common and emerging fraud in the olive oil sector 71
The study of measurement systems for the assessment of basic qualitative and compositional parameters, based on the interaction of electromagnetic fields with oil products 68
Sustainable Drying and Green Deep Eutectic Extraction of Carotenoids from Tomato Pomace 68
A Portable Battery-Operated Sensor System for Simple and Rapid Assessment of Virgin Olive Oil Quality Grade 68
null 66
A Harmonized Method for SPME-GC-FID/MS Analysis of Virgin Olive Oil Volatile Compounds: Encompassing Simplicity and Efficiency 66
GC-IMS screening to cluster the sensory grades of virgin olive oils 64
Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters in Virgin Olive Oils: In-House Validation of a Revised Method 64
Microesr to check the peroxide value in virgin olive oils 64
In-the-field determination of free acidity in olive oil using a portable battery-operated sensor system 64
Oli di girasole spremuti a freddo, da agricoltura biologica e convenzionale: studio del profilo sensoriale e di preferenza del consumatore 62
Olive oil quality and authenticity: A review of current EU legislation, standards, relevant methods of analyses, their drawbacks and recommendations for the future 62
Il progetto FOOD CROSSING DISTRICT di Simbiosi industriale: due nuovi alimenti da sottoprodotti ed una mappa delle relative economie circolari in Emilia Romagna 62
Italian and Spanish commercial tomato sauces for pasta dressing: study of sensory and head-space profiles by Flash Profiling and SPME-GC-MS 60
In-house Validation of Two Analytical Protocols for Time-saving Alternative Determination of Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters in Virgin Olive Oils 60
Rapid assessment of fatty acids alkyl esters in extra virgin olive oils by Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) 59
Profilo chimico e sensoriale di oli extravergini di oliva monovarietali di diversa provenienza geografica 59
An integrated sensory and instrumental approach to authenticate a typical Italian salami from Mora Romagnola pig breed 59
Sesquiterpene fingerprint for olive oil authentication: same tool, different approach 59
Gradimento sensoriale dell'olio extravergine e sostanze funzionali: un percorso da costruire 58
Italian cold-pressed hazelnut oils: conjoint analysis of sensory quality vs volatile profile 58
The development of reference materials in virgin olive oil sensory assessment: the contribution of flavour chemistry 58
Profiling versus fingerprinting analysis of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons for the geographical authentication of extra virgin olive oils 57
SPME-GC-MS Analysis of Volatile Compounds of Virgin Olive Oil. An Inter-Laboratory Study for Method Development, Performance Evaluation and Application Prospects 57
Effects of ultrasounds treatment integrated in a low-scale plant on the quality of virgin olive oils: preliminary trials 56
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