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Continente #
EU - Europa 5753
NA - Nord America 4206
AS - Asia 1404
AF - Africa 230
SA - Sud America 12
OC - Oceania 9
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
Totale 11618
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 4157
IT - Italia 2260
GB - Regno Unito 1548
CN - Cina 711
SE - Svezia 510
VN - Vietnam 383
DE - Germania 381
UA - Ucraina 271
FR - Francia 262
IN - India 235
RU - Federazione Russa 151
TG - Togo 99
ZA - Sudafrica 99
EE - Estonia 97
BE - Belgio 32
HR - Croazia 32
GR - Grecia 31
ES - Italia 29
CA - Canada 28
CH - Svizzera 26
IR - Iran 19
RO - Romania 18
NG - Nigeria 16
AT - Austria 15
SC - Seychelles 15
BZ - Belize 12
DK - Danimarca 12
JP - Giappone 12
PL - Polonia 11
KR - Corea 10
AU - Australia 9
BG - Bulgaria 9
NL - Olanda 9
PT - Portogallo 9
HN - Honduras 8
IE - Irlanda 8
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
LB - Libano 6
BR - Brasile 5
TR - Turchia 5
UZ - Uzbekistan 5
SG - Singapore 4
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 3
CL - Cile 3
EU - Europa 3
FI - Finlandia 3
PH - Filippine 3
SM - San Marino 3
AL - Albania 2
IL - Israele 2
MC - Monaco 2
MD - Moldavia 2
MK - Macedonia 2
SA - Arabia Saudita 2
SI - Slovenia 2
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 1
AR - Argentina 1
BO - Bolivia 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
CM - Camerun 1
CR - Costa Rica 1
HU - Ungheria 1
ID - Indonesia 1
JO - Giordania 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LT - Lituania 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
MY - Malesia 1
NO - Norvegia 1
PE - Perù 1
PK - Pakistan 1
PY - Paraguay 1
RS - Serbia 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
TH - Thailandia 1
TW - Taiwan 1
Totale 11618
Città #
Southend 1406
Chandler 518
Fairfield 513
Houston 314
Bologna 291
Wilmington 279
Ann Arbor 270
Princeton 265
Dong Ket 243
Ashburn 240
Woodbridge 231
Seattle 210
Cambridge 153
Jacksonville 149
Nanjing 140
Westminster 121
Padova 117
Lomé 99
Jinan 86
Medford 75
Shenyang 73
Milan 71
Berlin 69
Rome 65
Napoli 57
Saint Petersburg 56
Hebei 51
Nanchang 48
Redwood City 43
Dearborn 38
Changsha 36
Falls Church 32
Rimini 32
Redmond 29
Beijing 27
San Diego 27
Jiaxing 26
Brussels 25
Haikou 25
Norwalk 23
Boardman 21
Tianjin 21
Buffalo 20
Florence 20
Cesena 18
Kunming 17
Taizhou 17
Toronto 17
Verona 17
Abeokuta 16
Forlì 16
Guangzhou 16
Phoenix 16
Dallas 15
Ningbo 15
Parma 15
Torino 15
Zhengzhou 15
Lanzhou 14
Mahé 14
Taiyuan 14
Bari 13
Como 13
Hangzhou 13
Leawood 13
Vienna 13
Andover 12
Belize City 12
Castel Maggiore 12
Naples 12
Brescia 10
Catania 10
Modena 10
Paris 10
Copenhagen 9
Des Moines 9
Lausanne 9
Palermo 9
San Venanzo 9
Sofia 9
Chicago 8
Frankfurt Am Main 8
Hefei 8
Madrid 8
San Jose 8
Tegucigalpa 8
Véry 8
Foggia 7
Messina 7
New York 7
Pisa 7
Santa Maria Di Sala 7
Tokyo 7
Trieste 7
Caserta 6
Cattolica 6
Latina 6
Ravenna 6
San Giorgio delle Pertiche 6
Trani 6
Totale 7270
Nome #
Ruolo delle urolitine, metaboliti colonici degli ellagitannini, nella modulazione della polarizzazione macrofagica 796
Come l’acido ellagico e i metaboliti degli ellagitannini, le urolitine, possono influenzare la risposta infiammatoria: Dati preliminari dallo studio del trascrittoma di macrofagi umani polarizzati 669
Polifenoli ed efficacia antinfiammatoria: lo strano caso del melograno e le malattie croniche intestinali 382
La dieta come determinante nei processi di infiammazione: effetti positivi e negativi 357
Health-promoting and anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate: the latest evidence from the literature 201
Activity of the novel T137A SOD1 mutation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients 160
Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effect of in vitro digested cookies baked using different types of flours and fermentation methods 157
Pomegranate: from the Promised Land to calm the fire in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 139
N-3 PUFAs modulate global gene expression profile in cultured rat cardiomyocytes. Implications in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure 137
Pomegranate juice to reduce fecal calprotectin levels in inflammatory bowel disease patients with a high risk of clinical relapse: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 137
Hypoxia/reoxygenation alters essential fatty acids metabolism in cultured rat cardiomyocytes. Protection by antioxidants 136
Ancient wheat and health: a legend or the reality? A review on KAMUT khorasan wheat 134
Abstract Book of the 1st International Conference on Foodomics 129
Le urolitine del metabotipo ‘A’ potenziano il profilo antinfiammatorio dei macrofagi M2 129
Understanding the bioactivity of pomegranate ellagitannins in humans: results of a literature review 128
Role of cereal type and processing in whole grain in vivo protection from oxidative stress 128
Evidence of a DHA signature in the lipidome and metabolome of human hepatocytes 127
Susceptibility to hypoxia/reoxygenation of aged rat cardiomyocytes and its modulation by selenium supplementation. 126
Dairy Products and Inflammation: A Review of the Clinical Evidence 119
Urolithin metabotype A remodels the transcriptome of M2 macrophages towards a non-inflammatory profile 118
Phytosterol supplementation reduces metabolic activity and slows cell growth in cultured rat cardiomyocytes 112
Role of Kamut® brand khorasan wheat in the counteraction of non-celiac wheat sensitivity and oxidative damage 112
Health benefits of ancient grains. Comparison among bread made with ancient, heritage and modern grain flours in human cultured cells 111
Could pomegranate juice help in the control of inflammatory diseases? 109
Is cytotoxicity a determinant of the different in vitro and in vivo effects of bioactives? 107
Bioactive-richSideritis scardicatea (mountain tea) is as potent asCamellia sinensistea at inducing cellular antioxidant defences and preventing oxidative stress 104
Time Domain Measurements and High Resolution Spectroscopy are Powerful Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Approaches Suitable to Evaluate the In Vitro Digestion of Protein-rich Food Products 104
Modulation of adipocyte differentiation and proadipogenic gene expression by sulforaphane, genistein, and docosahexaenoic acid as a first step to counteract obesity 103
Cholesterol-lowering probiotics: in vitro selection and in vivo testing of bifidobacteria 102
NMR comparison of in vitro digestion of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged 15 and 30 months 102
Resveratrol and inflammatory bowel disease: the evidence so far 102
Poultry Meat Nutritive Value and Human Health 102
Influence of dietary vitamin B6 and fatty acid composition on glutatione peroxidase activity in rat liver. 101
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: from diet to binding to PPARS and other nuclear receptors. 101
Dietary Selenium for the counteraction of oxidative damage: fortified foods or supplements? 100
EPA or DHA Supplementation Increases Triacylglycerol, but not Phospholipid, Levels in Isolated Rat Cardiomyocytes 99
(Poly)phenolic content and profile and antioxidant capacity of whole-grain cookies are better estimated by simulated digestion than chemical extraction 99
Mixed Pro- and Anti-Oxidative Effects of Pomegranate Polyphenols in Cultured Cells 98
Metabolite release and protein hydrolysis during the in vitro digestion of cooked sea bass fillets. A study by 1H NMR 98
N-3 PUFAs and H2O2 induce changes in gene expression in cardiac cells 97
The foodomics approach for the evaluation of protein bio-accessibility in processed meat upon in vitro digestion 97
Vitamin B6 deficiency and dietary fats: effects on lipid composition and glutathione peroxidase activity in rat liver 93
New Insight and Knowledge on anti-inflammatory Effectiveness of dietary phenolics: a work-in-progress report of the NIKE Project 93
Green tea extract selectively activates PPAR b/d in cultured cardiomyocytes 92
A mini concept based analysis of health promoting traditional food potential, on the basis of expert judgement and consumer expectations 91
The agronomic techniques as determinants of the phenolic content and the biological antioxidant effect of palm-tree kale 90
n-3 LC-PUFAs modulate global gene expression in the left ventricle of spontaneously hypertensive rats 89
Influence of genotype on the modulation of gene and protein expression by n-3 LC-PUFA in rats 87
Modulation of cardiac gene expression profile by N-3 PUFAs and its implication in hypertrophy and heart failure 86
New Insight and Knowledge on anti-inflammatory Effectiveness of dietary phenolics: the NIKE Project 86
5th International Conference on FoodOmics 86
Hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure: is there a role for n-3 PUFAs? 85
New insight into the cholesterol-lowering effect of phytosterols in rat cardiomyocytes 85
Co-administration of propionate or protocatechuic acid does not affect dha-specific transcriptional effects on lipid metabolism in cultured hepatic cells 85
The importance of studying cell metabolism when testing the bioactivity of phenolic compounds 84
Traditional foods for health: screening of the antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of selected Black Sea area local foods. 83
Food-derived bioactives as potential regulators of the IL-12/IL-23 pathway implicated in inflammatory bowel diseases 83
Abstract Book of the 3rd International Conference on FoodOmics 82
The molecular mechanism of the cholesterol-lowering effect of dill and kale: The influence of the food matrix components 82
Does n-3 PUFA supplementation favour free-radical damage? Different effects of EPA And DHA in cultured cardiomyocytes. 81
Time domain measurements and high resolution spectroscopy are powerful NMR approaches to evaluate the in vitro digestion of protein-rich food products 81
Effect of cultivar on the protection of cardiomyocytes from oxidative stress by essential oils and aqueous extracts of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). 81
Abstract Book of the 2nd International Conference on Food-Omics 81
Catechine del tè verde: oltre l'attività antiossidante? 81
Pre-Pregnancy Diet and Vaginal Environment in Caucasian Pregnant Women: An Exploratory Study 81
Black Sea area traditional foods as a new, valuable source of antioxidant polyphenols. 80
A screen to test the role of IL-23 receptor in inflammatory bowel diseases 79
New Insight and Knowledge on anti-inflammatory Effectiveness of dietary phenolics (NIKE) 79
Unveiling the Correlation between Inadequate Energy/Macronutrient Intake and Clinical Alterations in Volunteers at Risk of Metabolic Syndrome by a Predictive Model 78
Protection against adriamycin induced cardiotoxicity by selenium dietary supplementation 77
PUFA n-3 come modulatori dell'espressione genica in cardiomiociti esposti ad H2O2 77
Effetti degli acidi grassi polinsaturi n-3 in cellule cardiache. Relazione tra modulazione della composizione lipidica e regolazione dell'espressione genica 77
Effectiveness of essential oils and extracts derived from edible plants in protecting cardiomyocytes from oxidative stress. Influence of cultivar and agronomic techniques. 77
Abstract Book of the 4th International Conference on FoodOmics 77
Catechine del tè verde: validi alleati per la salute 77
Il valore nutrizionale dei prodotti dell'alveare: quali certezze e quali possibili sviluppi. 76
Abstract Book of the 12th International Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science 76
Sugar Cane and Sugar Beet Molasses, Antioxidant-rich Alternatives to Refined Sugar 75
Marker plasmatici di attività antiossidante come possibile segno diagnostico di diabete 74
Counteraction of adriamycin-induced oxidative damage in rat heart by selenium dietary supplementation. 74
Importanza della modulazione dell’espressione genica nel meccanismo di protezione dei PUFA n-3 verso l’ipertrofia cardiaca 72
Bioattività degli alimenti tradizionali del Mar Nero: primo screening del possibile ruolo nella prevenzione cardiovascolare 72
Traditional foods: from culture, ecology and diversity, to human health and potential for exploitation. Posters presented at: Traditional food international 2012 (TFI2012). Including: The street food seminar - An international forum on street food: aspects and perspectives 70
Effetto protettivo a livello cardiaco di una moderata supplementazione dietetica di Selenio. 69
Influenza del congelamento e di diverse tecniche di cottura sull’attività antiossidante di alimenti vegetali. 68
EPA and DHA incorporate in neonatal rat cardiomyocyte lipids and modulate genes related to cardiac hypertrophy: what is the role of PPAR? 68
Hypocholesterolemic effect of dill and kale extracts: assessing mechanisms of action in hepatic cultured cells 68
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 67
Digestion increases total antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of whole grain durum wheat and Kamut cookies 67
Cibi di nuova generazione 66
Is selenium one of the nutritional key mediators in the response to oxidative stress? 63
The foodomic approach for the assessment of digestibility of milk enriched with bioactive compounds. 63
NMR omics approach to assess the in vitro digestion of Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese 63
Is the reduction of NO production via PPAR activation one of the health benefits of green tea? Effects in hypoxic/reoxygenated cardiomyocytes 62
Caratteristiche nutrizionali 61
Role of poultry meat in a balanced diet aimed at maintaining health and wellbeing 59
Molecular effect of phytosterols in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism 58
Metabolic aspects of n-3 PUFAs supplementation to rat cardiomyocytes: a HR-MAS NMR and GC/MS study. 55
Una fonte di benessere 55
Totale 11126
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