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Toritto 2
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Aachen 1
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Bagnacavallo 1
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Caltagirone 1
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Nome #
A new test rig for static and dynamic evaluation of knee motion based on a cable-driven parallel manipulator loading system 120
A New Assessment of Singularities of Parallel Kinematic Chains 117
A sound and efficient measure of joint congruence 100
A New Assessment of Singularities of Parallel Kinematic Chains 89
Measure and analysis of motion and muscle forces at the human knee during dynamic motion tasks 87
Integration of micro-CT and uniaxial loading to analyse the evolution of 3D microstructure under increasing strain: application to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament 87
Joint kinematics from functional adaptation: A validation on the tibio-talar articulation 82
Effect of implementing magnetic resonance imaging for patient-specific OpenSim models on lower-body kinematics and knee ligament lengths 81
null 78
A Kinematic Model of the Tibio-Talar Joint Using a Minimum Energy Principle 77
Joint kinematics from functional adaptation: An application to the human ankle 75
A new test rig for static and dynamic evaluation of knee motion based on a cable-driven parallel manipulator loading system 75
Optimized kinematical positioning and guidance of a serial robot for motion simulation. 73
A Test Rig for the Analysis of the Knee Under Dynamic Motion Tasks 73
Fabrication of knee prostheses by means of SLM: Process and functional characterization 73
A New Test Rig for Human Joint and Prosthesis Characterization 72
Closed-chain rotational mechanism having decoupled and homokinetic actuation 72
Definition of a subject-specific model of the knee in vivo 71
The Geometrical Arrangement of Knee Constraints That Makes Natural Motion Possible: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis 71
Kinematic models of lower limb joints for musculo-skeletal modelling and optimization in gait analysis 69
Functional modeling of human joints: A feasibility study for the KNEE 68
Subject-specific model of knee natural motion: a non-invasive approach 68
3d microstructural changes in human anterior cruciate ligament under increasing mechanical strain 68
Is early osteoarthritis associated with differences in joint congruence? 64
Improved rig for the analysis of knee behaviour under dynamic motion tasks 64
null 61
An anatomical-based subject-specific model of in-vivo knee joint 3D kinematics from medical imaging 60
Measuring in-vivo, loaded knee kinematics through dynamic MRI 52
Analysis of the three-dimensional motion of the knee under the effect of single-axis loads 51
Una procedura clinica per la quantificazione del moto dei menischi durante il moto di flessione del ginocchio sotto carico tramite risonanza magnetica dinamica 49
Una nuova macchina di prova per la caratterizzazione di articolazioni umane e protesi articolari 48
Determining User-Prescribed Accelerations for a Serial Robot Motion Simulator 45
Inclusion of MRI for patient-specific modelling in Opensim 45
Personalized knee prostheses based on articular models to replicate the joint functionality of a patient 45
Two possible sources of inaccuracy for stereophotogrammetric systems 45
Use of patient-specific musuloskeletal models to relate subjective and objective outcome scores of acl injured patients 44
Quantification of the errors associated with marker occlusion in stereophotogrammetric systems and implications on gait analysis 41
Morphological analysis, articular models and 3d printing: a combined approach for the development of personalized prostheses able to reproduce the joint functionality of a patient 40
Prediction of the subject-specific knee passive motion from non-invasive measurements 40
Sensitivity of musculoskeletal models to scaled-generic knee kinematic errors 39
La ricerca sulle protesi del ginocchio: verso modelli patient-specific 39
In-vivo identification of a subject-specific model of the knee natural motion 38
null 37
A personalized spatial model of the ankle motion from medical images 36
Quantification of a Systematic Source of Error Affecting Optoelectronic Stereophotogrammetric Measurements: the Camera Occlusion Artefact 36
Sensitivity of musculoskeletal models to planar simplification of tibiofemoral motion 34
Relationship of Knee Forces to Subjective Function Pre- and Post-ACL Reconstruction 34
Structural-mechanical characterization of human ligaments using a custom-made tensile test chamber combined with the Skyscan1176 system 33
Assessment of human soft tissue microstructure under tensile load by using the Skyscan 1176 system: preliminary results 33
A Technique For The In Vitro Registration Of CT, MR And Stereophotogrammetric Data 32
MicroCT-traction apparatus to follow anterior cruciate ligament fibrous structure under strain 32
Sensitivity and Stability Analysis of a Kinematic Model for Human Joints (An Application to Human Ankle) 31
Quantificazione del moto dei menischi durante la flessione del ginocchio: uno studio preliminare con RM dinamica 31
Experimental Robotic Systems for Design, Development and Testing of Orthopaedic Devices 31
Ligament And Contact Forces Must Intersect The Instantaneous Helical Axis During The Knee Natural Motion: An Experimental Assessment 30
From medical images to a personalized and predictive spatial model of the ankle joint 30
In-vitro experimental determination of knee stiffness 28
The Geometrical Arrangement of Joint Constraints that Makes Natural Motion Possible: Experimental Verification on the Ankle 27
Closed-chain rotational mechanism having decoupled and homokinetic actuation 26
Use of the principle of virtual work reciprocity to explain the human joint motion: application to the knee 25
Prediction of Individual Knee Kinematics From an MRI Representation of the Articular Surfaces 25
Evaluation of anatomical consistency of three subject-specific ankle joint modelling approaches 24
From scaling to MRI defined subject-specific ankle joint models: a comparison of three approaches with increasing level of anatomical consistency 23
Numerical Investigation of an Axis-based Approach to Rigid Registration 23
Design and fabrication of personalized knee prostheses by laser-based powder bed fusion: Influence of manufacturing process on geometric accuracy 23
Development and validation of subject-specific patellofemoral joint kinematic models for children and adolescents with recurrent patellar dislocation 21
Integrated microCT-uniaxial loading protocol to investigate the structure of biological fibrous tissues under increasing levels of strain 21
The relationship between tibiofemoral geometry and musculoskeletal function during normal activity 18
Prediction of Individual Carpal Kinematics during Hammer Motion: an In-vivo Validation 17
A proposal for the definition of anatomical reference systems for the bones of the foot and ankle complex 16
New anatomical reference systems for the bones of the foot and ankle complex: definitions and exploitation on clinical conditions 15
Motion of all foot bones under controlled vertical load from series of weightbearing CT scans 12
Differences between loaded and unloaded bone kinematics of the foot and ankle complex 11
A procedure for measuring the kinematics of the foot and ankle complex through Weight-Bearing CT 11
Biomechanics of fibrous ligamentous tissues: volumetric analysis of microstructure under increasing strain 11
Investigation of knee flexion under orthostatic phisiological loads 11
Differences between loaded and unloaded kinematic synergies among foot bones through weight-bearing CT 10
Subject-specific geometric definition and validation of a novel kinematic model of human hind+midfoot 8
Kinematic Synthesis 8
Modeling musculoskeletal dynamics during gait: Evaluating the best personalization strategy through model anatomical consistency 7
Prediction of individual carpal kinematics during hammer motion: an in-vivo validation 7
Musculoskeletal Modelling: relevance of model anatomical consistency 6
Prediction of individual knee motion: an in-vivo validation under physiological load 6
A new bone fixation device for human joint test rig machine 4
A procedure for the definition of a patient-specific kinematic model of the knee joint: an in-vivo validation 4
Reconstruction of knee cartilage distribution from joint motion 3
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