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Continente #
NA - Nord America 4602
EU - Europa 1237
AS - Asia 625
AF - Africa 118
SA - Sud America 10
OC - Oceania 3
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
Totale 6597
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 4589
GB - Regno Unito 384
DE - Germania 227
SE - Svezia 208
CN - Cina 205
VN - Vietnam 201
IT - Italia 199
IN - India 180
FR - Francia 68
TG - Togo 64
RU - Federazione Russa 50
ZA - Sudafrica 34
EE - Estonia 25
DZ - Algeria 18
UA - Ucraina 14
CA - Canada 13
TR - Turchia 12
BE - Belgio 11
GR - Grecia 10
CH - Svizzera 7
HR - Croazia 7
NL - Olanda 7
AT - Austria 5
BR - Brasile 5
JP - Giappone 4
LB - Libano 4
AM - Armenia 3
BD - Bangladesh 3
CL - Cile 3
ES - Italia 3
FI - Finlandia 3
KR - Corea 3
PL - Polonia 3
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
PE - Perù 2
RS - Serbia 2
SG - Singapore 2
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AU - Australia 1
EU - Europa 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IE - Irlanda 1
IR - Iran 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
NO - Norvegia 1
PK - Pakistan 1
RO - Romania 1
SC - Seychelles 1
SI - Slovenia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
TW - Taiwan 1
UG - Uganda 1
UZ - Uzbekistan 1
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Città #
Ann Arbor 2364
Fairfield 411
Southend 348
Wilmington 247
Ashburn 196
Woodbridge 191
Seattle 179
Chandler 169
Princeton 168
Houston 159
Dong Ket 144
Cambridge 116
Lomé 64
Bologna 62
Medford 49
Berlin 45
Westminster 39
Redmond 32
Nanjing 31
San Diego 28
Des Moines 26
Beijing 25
Nanchang 21
Redwood City 20
Jinan 19
Saint Petersburg 17
Padova 14
Shenyang 14
Como 13
Hebei 12
San Francisco 12
Brussels 10
Norwalk 10
Taiyuan 10
Toronto 10
Guangzhou 9
Paris 9
Fremont 8
Zhengzhou 8
Dearborn 7
Falls Church 6
Haikou 6
Hangzhou 6
Jiaxing 6
Changsha 5
Chicago 5
Hanover 5
Muizenberg 5
Pavullo Nel Frignano 5
Ravenna 5
Tianjin 5
Vicenza 5
Wuhan 5
Boardman 4
Calderara Di Reno 4
Ningbo 4
São Paulo 4
Vienna 4
Algiers 3
Dhaka 3
Forlimpopoli 3
Forlì 3
Frankfurt Am Main 3
Lanzhou 3
Ottawa 3
Phoenix 3
Sassari 3
Tokyo 3
Yerevan 3
Amsterdam 2
Bangalore 2
Belgrade 2
Bremen 2
Chongqing 2
Coimbatore 2
Costa Mesa 2
Delft 2
Helsinki 2
Lima 2
London 2
Marseille 2
Milan 2
Plauen 2
Poggiomarino 2
Pontedera 2
Provo 2
Reggio Nell'emilia 2
Rome 2
Roncalceci 2
Salt Lake City 2
San Antonio 2
Sevelen 2
Shanghai 2
Torre De' Busi 2
Treviso 2
Xian 2
Aachen 1
Almere Stad 1
Anguillara Sabazia 1
Arvada 1
Totale 5496
Nome #
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Compounding, Structure and Dielectric Properties of Silica-BOPP Nanocomposite Films 154
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Characterization of a plasma source for biomedical applications by electrical, optical, and chemical measurements 142
Potentiality of nanofilled thermoplastic insulation for DC cables and capacitors 134
Breakdown strength of nanofluids under different voltage conditions 133
EHD-driven mass transport enhancement in surface dielectric barrier discharges 132
Adding nanofillers in polymeric insulating materials: so far so good? The case of polypropylene for DC cables 129
Performance of nanoparticles in the electrical behavior of DC capacitor films 124
Assessing the feasibility of insulation materials for UHVDC cable systems 122
null 116
A plasma aerodynamic actuator supplied by a multilevel generator operating with different voltage waveforms 114
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Investigating Electrical Performance of Polyimide Insulation Tapes for Automotive Application 108
Assessing the severity of partial discharges in aerospace applications 108
The effect of plasma surface modification on biodegradation rate and biocompatibility of a poly(butylene succinate)-based copolymer 107
A reference protocol for comparing the biocidal properties of gas plasma generating devices 106
Investigating Energization Transients and the Potentiality of Partial Discharge Inception and Damage in Nanofilled Polypropylene Insulation for DC Cables and Capacitors 106
Wind tunnel experiments on a NACA0015 airfoil equipped with vectorizable dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators 105
How to Deal with the Severity of Different Partial Discharge Sources in Rotating Machines: The Definition of a New Health Index 105
A voltage threshold in operating condition of PWM inverters and its impact on reliability of insulation systems in electrified transport applications 104
Ageing and reliability of electrical insulation: The risk of hybrid AC/DC grids 103
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Partial discharge measurements of DC insulation systems: the influence of the energization transient 102
Measuring partial discharges in DC insulation systems. A challenge, but also a must 101
Investigating Partial Discharge Behaviour and Extracting Diagnostic Markers for Partial Discharge Aging of Type i Insulating Materials 100
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An approach to insulation condition monitoring and life assessment in emerging electrical environments 99
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Electric Charge Deposition in a Dielectric Barrier Discharg 97
Investigation of nanocomposite polypropylene for DC capacitors: A feasibility study 96
Next generation polymeric high voltage direct current cables-A quantum leap needed? 93
Influence of the voltage waveform's shape and on-time duration on the dissolved ozone produced by a DBD bubble reactor 92
Measuring partial discharges in MV cables under DC voltage: Procedures and results in steady state conditions 92
Aging mechanisms of polymeric materials under DC electrical stress: A new approach and similarities to mechanical aging 91
A Track towards Unsupervised Partial Discharge Inference in Electrical Insulation Systems 90
HVDC and UHVDC polymeric cables: Feasibility and material development 87
Investigating aging phenomenology of type I and type II insulation systems of rotating machines fed by power converters 87
A scheme for the Health Index and residual life of cables based on measurement and monitoring of diagnostic quantities 85
Discovery of an unknown conduction mechanism in insulating polymers 85
Nanocomposite Polypropylene for DC cables and capacitors: a new European Project 82
Modelling of supply voltage frequency effect on partial discharge repetition rate and charge amplitude from AC to DC at room temperature 81
Geometry optimization of linear and annular Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators for enhanced transport of reactive species 80
Condition Assessment of Electrical Equipment in Harsh Electrical Environment 80
Preliminary Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Long Temporary Overvoltages on the Reliability of HVDC Extruded Cables 79
Designing a HVDC insulation system to endure electrical and thermal stresses under operation. Part I: partial discharge magnitude and repetition rate during transients and in DC steady state. 75
Noise rejection and partial discharge source identification in insulation system under DC voltage supply 74
A Contribution to Everlasting Electrical Insulation for DC Voltage: PD-Phobic Materials 74
A novel approach for noise rejection and partial discharge identification in electric drives for aerospace 73
DC Voltage Supply in TD: What about Electrical Insulation Reliability and Maintenance? 72
Partial discharge phase and amplitude distribution and life of insulation systems fed with multilevel inverters 71
Partial Discharge Inception Voltage in DC insulation systems: A comparison with AC voltage supply 70
Noise rejection and partial discharge identification in PDIV tests of insulated wires under repetitive impulse supply voltage 69
The Influence of Nanocomposite Filler on the Lifetime Performance of Polypropylene under Voltage Polarity Reversal 68
The Dimensional Approach in the Design and Qualification Tests of AC and DC HV Cables: The Occhini Approach Revisited 65
An Unsupervised Approach to Partial Discharge Monitoring in Rotating Machines: Detection to Diagnosis with Reduced Need of Expert Support 64
Investigating conditions for an unexpected additional source of partial discharges in DC cables: load power variations. 63
Measuring Partial Discharges under Power Electronics Waveforms: From Slow to Ultra-fast Voltage Impulse Risetime 61
Partial discharge inception voltage characteristics at low frequencies: The role of electrostatic charges 61
Partial Discharge and aging phenomena in insulation systems of rotating machines fed by power electronics 60
Noise Rejection and Detection of Partial Discharges under Repetitive Impulse Supply Voltage 58
Type of Supply Waveform, Partial Discharge Behavior and Life of Rotating Machine Insulation Systems 56
Prospects for increasing supply voltage and design of electrical field rotating machine windings supplied from power electronics 55
Preliminary Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Superimposed Switching Impulses on XLPE-insulated HVDC Cables 48
Dielectric Performance of Silica-Filled Nanocomposites Based on Miscible (PP/PP-HI) and Immiscible (PP/EOC) Polymer Blends 46
Effects of Graphene Coatings on hindering Space Charge injection in Epoxy Resin 43
PP/PP-HI/silica nanocomposites for HVDC cable insulation: Are silica clusters beneficial for space charge accumulation? 42
An Approach to Noise Rejection and Partial Discharge Separation in DC Cable Testing, during Steady State and Voltage Polarity Inversion Transients 35
Comparing the results of increasing-voltage design and qualification life tests on HVDC and HVAC cables: The effect of voltage-step growth rate and insulation thickness factors 33
Testing cable system reliability after commissioning and during operation life: in medio stat virtus? 32
Partial Discharge Measurement and Condition Monitoring in Power-electronics Controlled Rotating Machines: Issues and Solutions in Advanced Electrified Transport and Aerospace Applications 30
Effect of nanofillers on surface charge mobility and alternative technique for electrostatic field measurement 28
Charging and Discharging Current Measurements and Impact of Polarization Dynamics on Electric Field Modeling in HVDC Paper-Insulated Cables 28
Reliability of HVDC and MVDC Electrical Asset: The Challenge of Insulation Design 28
Evaluation of TSCC method on polypropylene films: deviations from isothermal method 27
Partial discharge behavior and accelerated aging upon repetitive DC cable energization and voltage supply polarity inversion 27
Partial discharge measurements and life estimation in DC electrical insulation during voltage transients and steady state 27
Performance of Corona Resistant Insulation for Aerospace 27
On the Likelihood of Partial Discharge Inception in Laminated Busbars from Electrified Ships 26
Simulation and modelling of transient electric fields in hvdc insulation systems based on polarization current measurements 24
Measuring PD under Fast Slew Rate, High Voltage and High Frequency Repetitive Voltage Impulses 23
HV and MV DC Insulation System: Unexpected Aging Mechanisms and Metrics for Life Prediction 23
Self-Assessment of Health Conditions of Electrical Assets and Grid Components: A Contribution to Smart Grids 23
Life-based Geometric Design of HVDC cables. Part 1: Parametric Analysis 17
The effect of plasma surface modification on the biodegradation rate and biocompatibility of a poly(butylene succinate-based copolymer 13
Biaxially oriented silica-polypropylene nanocomposites for HVDC film capacitors: Morphology-dielectric property relationships, and critical evaluation of the current progress and limitations 7
Life-based Geometric Design of HVDC Cables. Part 2: Effect of Electrical and Thermal Transients 6
The challenges of reliable dielectrics in modern aerospace applications: the hazard of Corona Resistant materials 6
Effect of Voltage Slew Rate on Partial Discharge Phenomenology during Voltage Transient in HVDC Insulation: The Case of Polymeric Cables 4
Can Corona Resistant wires ensure reliability in aerospace machine insulation? 4
Feasibility of Mini-Scale Injection Molding for Resource-Efficient Screening of PP-Based Cable Insulation Nanocomposites 3
Electrothermal aging of DC cables and insulation electrical properties: conductivity, space charge and partial discharges 3
Effect of nanofillers in HVDC insulations on surface partial discharge activity 1
Pre-breakdown leakage current of tangential dielectric interfaces with different coupling pressures 1
Electric Field Calculation During Voltage Transients in HVDC Cables: Contribution of Polarization Processes 1
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