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Continente #
NA - Nord America 6603
EU - Europa 2660
AS - Asia 984
AF - Africa 172
SA - Sud America 29
OC - Oceania 5
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
Totale 10457
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 6549
GB - Regno Unito 812
IT - Italia 614
CN - Cina 397
DE - Germania 359
VN - Vietnam 276
SE - Svezia 195
IN - India 190
UA - Ucraina 163
IE - Irlanda 135
FR - Francia 117
RU - Federazione Russa 95
TG - Togo 65
ZA - Sudafrica 61
EE - Estonia 53
CA - Canada 52
JO - Giordania 45
NG - Nigeria 33
BE - Belgio 28
ES - Italia 22
IR - Iran 19
JP - Giappone 18
BO - Bolivia 11
BR - Brasile 11
TR - Turchia 11
GR - Grecia 9
FI - Finlandia 8
SC - Seychelles 8
PK - Pakistan 7
RO - Romania 7
CL - Cile 6
LU - Lussemburgo 6
NL - Olanda 6
AU - Australia 5
CH - Svizzera 4
HR - Croazia 4
LB - Libano 4
UZ - Uzbekistan 4
AT - Austria 3
CI - Costa d'Avorio 3
DK - Danimarca 3
EU - Europa 3
HK - Hong Kong 3
KR - Corea 3
PL - Polonia 3
SI - Slovenia 3
HU - Ungheria 2
NO - Norvegia 2
PH - Filippine 2
PT - Portogallo 2
RS - Serbia 2
TH - Thailandia 2
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 1
AN - Antille olandesi 1
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
BZ - Belize 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
DZ - Algeria 1
EC - Ecuador 1
ID - Indonesia 1
MN - Mongolia 1
MU - Mauritius 1
MY - Malesia 1
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
Totale 10457
Città #
Ann Arbor 2887
Southend 694
Fairfield 573
Chandler 385
Wilmington 363
Woodbridge 266
Seattle 255
Ashburn 254
Houston 220
Princeton 205
Cambridge 204
Dong Ket 178
Bologna 156
Dublin 135
Jacksonville 96
Westminster 75
Lomé 65
Medford 61
Padova 59
Berlin 57
Nanjing 54
Amman 45
Montréal 44
Jinan 40
Shenyang 39
Milan 36
San Diego 35
Turin 34
Saint Petersburg 33
Mcallen 32
Munich 32
Abeokuta 31
Changsha 29
Fremont 26
Cervia 25
Dearborn 25
Hebei 25
Redwood City 22
Beijing 21
Brussels 19
Nanchang 19
Redmond 18
Tianjin 18
Zhengzhou 17
Des Moines 16
Tappahannock 16
Jiaxing 15
Norwalk 15
Portomaggiore 14
Haikou 13
Hangzhou 13
Taiyuan 13
Taizhou 12
Guangzhou 11
La Paz 11
Ningbo 11
Castel 10
Kunming 10
Chicago 9
Olalla 9
Ravenna 9
Riccione 9
Riudellots De La Selva 9
Tehran 9
Mahé 8
Boardman 7
Paris 7
Rome 7
Barcelona 6
Helsinki 6
Istanbul 6
London 6
Naples 6
Napoli 6
San Venanzo 6
Cantagallo 5
Costa Mesa 5
Lanzhou 5
Modena 5
Bangalore 4
Buffalo 4
Cesena 4
Florence 4
Florianópolis 4
Fuzhou 4
Gif-sur-yvette 4
Gurgaon 4
Las Vegas 4
Liège 4
Mestre 4
Mordano 4
Parma 4
Plauen 4
Provo 4
San Francisco 4
Savignano Sul Rubicone 4
Tokyo 4
Torino 4
Varese 4
Venice 4
Totale 8316
Nome #
Response of distribution networks to direct and indirect lightning: Influence of surge arresters location, flashover occurrence and environmental shielding 288
The Need of Multidisciplinary Approaches and Engineering Tools for the Development and Implementation of the Smart City Paradigm 254
An ADMM approach for day-ahead scheduling of a local energy community 213
A co-simulation platform for the analysis of the impact of electromobility scenarios on the urban distribution network 165
Day-Ahead Scheduling of a Local Energy Community: An Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Approach 165
Advancements in insulation coordination for improving lightning performance of distribution lines 164
A Full-Wave Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages on Distribution Lines Considering the Conductive Coupling between the Lightning Channel and the Grounding System 161
An Advanced Interface Between the LIOV Code and the EMTP-RV 160
An analytical formulation of the electromagnetic field generated by lightning return strokes 156
A procedure to evaluate the risk of failure of distribution transformers insulation due to lightning induced voltages 154
An Improved Approach for the Calculation of the Transient Ground Resistance Matrix of Multiconductor Lines 151
Calculation of lightning-induced overvoltages on urban overhead lines above a lossy ground plane - appraisal of the shielding effect of nearby buildings 148
A Distributed Measurement System for Correlating Faults to Lightning in Distribution Networks 147
Volt/var optimization of unbalanced distribution feeders via Mixed Integer Linear Programming 145
Analysis of a Fuel Cell based system for cogenarative applications 142
Assessment of the lightning performance of compact overhead distribution lines 141
Lightning-Induced Overvoltages Transferred from Medium-Voltage to Low-Voltage Networks 140
On the FEM and TL approaches for the calculation of lightning - induced voltages on overhead lines 138
Lightning performance of distribution lines due to positive and negative indirect lightning flashes 136
ICT-power co-simulation platform for the analysis of communication-based volt/var optimization in distribution feeders 134
Volt/var optimization of unbalanced distribution feeders via mixed integer linear programming 133
Lightning performance assessment of power distribution lines by means of stratified sampling Monte Carlo method 133
Mixed integer programming model for the operation of an experimental low-voltage network 130
An integrated traffic and power grid simulator enabling the assessment of e-mobility impact on the grid: a tool for the implementation of the smart grid/city concept 130
Lightning-Induced Overvoltages Transferred Through Distribution Power Transformers 129
Calculation of Lightning-induced Voltages on an Overhead Line Taking into Account the Presence of Nearby Buildings 126
Lightning performance of a real distribution network with focus on transformer protection 126
Models of Wind-Turbine Main-Shaft Bearings for the Development of Specific Lightning Protection Systems 125
Vacuum circuit breaker modelling for the assessment of transient recovery voltages: Application to various network configurations 124
Assessment of the Lightning Performance of Compact Overhead Distribution Lines 123
Use of the full-wave Finite Element Method for the numerical electromagnetic analysis of LEMP and its coupling to overhead lines 122
Statistical Assessment of Lightning-Induced Overvoltages in Low Voltage Lines 122
Interaction Between Grounding Systems and Nearby Lightning for the Calculation of Overvoltages in Overhead Distribution Lines 121
Effects of nearby buildings on lightning induced voltages on overhead power distribution lines 121
Influence of the return stroke current waveform on the lightning performance of distribution lines 121
Protection Systems Against Lightning-Originated Overvoltages in Resonant Grounded Power Distribution Systems 120
SPD dimensioning in front of indirect flashes to overhead low voltage power lines 119
Lightning induced overvoltages on overhead lines shielded by nearby buildings 119
Lightning Performance of Overhead Power Distribution Lines in Urban Areas 119
Performance Analysis of a Communication-Supported Earth Fault Protection System of Medium Voltage Loop and Meshed Networks 117
State Estimation of Active Distribution Networks: Comparison Between WLS and Iterated Kalman-Filter Algorithm Integrating PMUs 117
Selection of MV/LV transformers to be protected by surge arresters against indirect lightning overvoltages 116
Telegrapher's equations for field-to-transmission line interaction 116
Scenario tree generation for the optimization model of a parking lot for electric vehicles 116
Lightning protection of a compact MV power line sharing the same poles of a HV line 116
Indirect lightning performance of a real distribution network with focus on transformer protection 115
Inverse Laplace Transform of the Ground Impedance Matrix of Overhead Lines 114
New Integral Formulas for the Elements of the Transient Ground Resistance Matrix of Multiconductor Lines 114
Use of the Full-Wave Finite Element Method for the Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis of LEMP and its Coupling with Overhead Lines 114
On the transmission-line approach for the evaluation of LEMP coupling to multiconductor lines 113
Models of Wind-Turbine Main Shaft Bearings for the Development of Specific Lightning Protection Systems 112
Influence of load dynamic response on the stability of microgrids during islanding transition 111
Voltage transient measurements in a distribution network correlated with data from lightning location system and from sequence of events recorders 109
Protection against lightning overvoltages in resonant grounded power distribution networks 109
Multistage day-ahead scheduling of the distributed energy sources in a local energy community 108
Estimation of the influence of direct strokes on the lightning performance of overhead distribution lines 107
A Power Control Scheme for the Islanding Transition of a Microgrid with Battery Energy Storage Systems 106
Correlazione tra fulminazioni ed intervento delle protezioni nelle reti elettriche di distribuzione 105
Radiated fields from lightning strikes to tall structures: effect of upward-connecting leader and reflections at the return stroke wavefront 104
A New Transient-Based Earth Fault Protection System for Unearthed Meshed Distribution Networks 104
Lightning-Correlated Faults in Power Distribution Networks 103
Correlation of lightning events and faults in distribution power networks: a joint research project 103
Three-dimensional static Green's function for a half space over mixed PEC and dielectric wedges 103
Numerical solution of the leader progression model by means of the finite element method 101
Virtual Inertia in a Microgrid with Renewable Generation and a Battery Energy Storage System in Islanding Transition 100
Effect of traveling-waves of current on the electromagnetic response of a tall Franklin rod considering various lightning return stroke models 99
Influence of the Radial Electric Field Appraisal on Lightning-Induced Overvoltages Statistical Assessment 96
Transient recovery voltages in vacuum circuit breakers generated by the early-interruption of the inrush current of large motors 93
Effect of traveling-waves of current on the electromagnetic response of a tall Franklin rod considering various lightning return stroke models 92
Lightning protection of a multi-circuit HV-MV overhead line 91
Lightning-originated overvoltages in a multi-circuit HV-MV line 89
Computational Aspects of the Dynamic Response of a Microgrid: A Comparative Analysis 89
Transient Recovery Voltages in Vacuum Circuit Breakers Generated by the Interruption of Inrush Currents of Large Motors 87
A DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy for Fast Frequency Response Support 85
Estimation of the expected annual number of flashovers in power distribution lines due to negative and positive lightning 81
Intra-day scheduling of a local energy community coordinated with day-ahead multistage decisions 80
On the Mitigation Effect of Surge Arresters on the Lightning Performance of Overhead Distribution Lines 78
Influence of Fast Frequency Response Services in DFIG-Based Wind Power Plants on Power Grids Stability 74
Inverse Laplace Transform of Sunde's Formula for the Ground Impedance of Buried Cables 70
Statistical Characterization of Lightning Induced Overvoltage Waveforms in Overhead Lines 68
Lightning-Originated Overvoltages in a Multiple Voltage Level Overhead Line 63
Basics of Power Systems Analysis 63
Direct Lightning Performance of Distribution Lines with Shield Wire Considering LEMP Effect 62
Assessment of the Effects of the Electromagnetic Pulse on the Response of Overhead Distribution Lines to Direct Lightning Strikes 50
Three-phase state estimation of a low-voltage distribution network with kalman filter 48
A New Calculation Method of the Lightning Electromagnetic Field Considering Variable Return Stroke Velocity 46
Influence of the Electromagnetic Pulse on the Overvoltages Due to Direct Lightning to Lines over Soils with Different Ground Conductivity 45
Application of the Monte Carlo method to lightning protection and insulation coordination practices 39
Day-ahead Multistage Stochastic Optimization of a Group of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 39
Performance analysis of a transient-based earth fault protection system for unearthed and compensated radial distribution networks 38
Procurement Cost Minimization of an Energy Community with Biogas, Photovoltaic and Storage Units 34
Influence of the presence of grounded wires on the lightning performance of a medium-voltage line 30
Software tools for the lightning performance assessment 24
LEMP and ground conductivity impact on the direct lightning performance of a medium-voltage line 18
Power System Stability Analysis of the Sicilian Network in the 2050 OSMOSE Project Scenario 15
Comparison between two Calculation Tools for the Appraisal of Lightning Induced Voltages 13
Analysis of Lightning Overvoltages on Overhead Hybrid Lines 6
Relation of Lightning Induced Flashovers with Stroke Distance and Current Peak 3
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