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NA - Nord America 5819
EU - Europa 4607
AS - Asia 1972
AF - Africa 305
SA - Sud America 27
OC - Oceania 7
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
Totale 12740
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 5796
GB - Regno Unito 1843
IT - Italia 838
VN - Vietnam 819
CN - Cina 681
SE - Svezia 503
IN - India 348
UA - Ucraina 341
DE - Germania 335
FR - Francia 246
RU - Federazione Russa 207
TG - Togo 157
ZA - Sudafrica 126
EE - Estonia 107
HR - Croazia 27
CA - Canada 23
JP - Giappone 21
PL - Polonia 18
SC - Seychelles 18
BE - Belgio 17
ES - Italia 17
NL - Olanda 17
HK - Hong Kong 16
GR - Grecia 15
TR - Turchia 15
BG - Bulgaria 13
CH - Svizzera 13
SG - Singapore 13
AT - Austria 12
TW - Taiwan 12
IR - Iran 9
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 8
IE - Irlanda 8
RO - Romania 8
UZ - Uzbekistan 8
AU - Australia 7
BR - Brasile 7
CO - Colombia 7
CL - Cile 6
ID - Indonesia 5
LB - Libano 5
PE - Perù 4
SA - Arabia Saudita 4
AR - Argentina 3
FI - Finlandia 3
IL - Israele 3
KR - Corea 3
PT - Portogallo 3
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
BD - Bangladesh 2
DK - Danimarca 2
MY - Malesia 2
RS - Serbia 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
CY - Cipro 1
EG - Egitto 1
EU - Europa 1
HU - Ungheria 1
IQ - Iraq 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LK - Sri Lanka 1
MA - Marocco 1
MU - Mauritius 1
UG - Uganda 1
Totale 12740
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Southend 1695
Fairfield 917
Dong Ket 595
Wilmington 458
Princeton 419
Woodbridge 407
Ashburn 371
Houston 368
Seattle 364
Ann Arbor 363
Cambridge 294
Chandler 271
Jacksonville 204
Bologna 170
Lomé 157
Westminster 146
Nanjing 135
Padova 121
Redmond 114
Berlin 109
Saint Petersburg 84
Shenyang 79
Medford 76
San Diego 67
Jinan 61
Beijing 54
Falls Church 47
Hebei 47
Nanchang 46
Rome 46
Dearborn 38
Biella 34
Jiaxing 32
Redwood City 31
Des Moines 30
Changsha 27
San Venanzo 27
Tianjin 25
London 24
Zhengzhou 21
Milan 20
Haikou 18
Norwalk 18
Hangzhou 17
Mahé 16
Ningbo 14
Tokyo 14
Brussels 13
Singapore 13
Lanzhou 12
San Francisco 12
Sofia 12
Taipei 12
Toronto 12
Central 11
Guangzhou 11
Kunming 11
Napoli 11
Torino 11
Fuzhou 10
New York 10
Paris 9
Ferrero 8
Frankfurt Am Main 8
Frankfurt am Main 8
Istanbul 8
Monselice 8
Phoenix 8
Taizhou 8
Miami 7
Verona 7
Cesena 6
Groningen 6
Hefei 6
North Bergen 6
São Paulo 6
Taiyuan 6
Wayne 6
Den Haag 5
Lausanne 5
Palermo 5
Plauen 5
Warsaw 5
Aprilia 4
Boardman 4
Buffalo 4
Casalgrande 4
Chicago 4
Easton 4
Florence 4
Fremont 4
Jakarta 4
Kuban 4
Las Vegas 4
Leawood 4
Lima 4
Los Angeles 4
Madrid 4
Orange 4
Pescara 4
Totale 9066
Nome #
Torsadogenic risk of antipsychotics: combining adverse event reports with drug utilization data across Europe. 408
Leucoencefalopatia Multifocale Progressiva: complicanza dell'immunosoppressione o reazione avversa da farmaci? 227
ROCCA observational study: Early results on safety of Sputnik V vaccine (Gam-COVID-Vac) in the Republic of San Marino using active surveillance 197
Adverse events with sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors: A global analysis of international spontaneous reporting systems 159
Adherence to chronic cardiovascular therapies: persistence over the years and dose coverage 158
ROCCA cohort study: Nationwide results on safety of Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine (Sputnik V) in the Republic of San Marino using active surveillance 155
Data Mining Techniques in Pharmacovigilance: Analysis of the Publicly Accessible FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) 147
Adherence to statin therapy and patients' cardiovascular risk: a pharmacoepidemiological study in Italy 140
Appropriateness of Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) prescription in patients admitted to hospital: Attitudes of general practitioners and hospital physicians in Italy 139
Adverse pregnancy outcomes in women exposed to gabapentin and pregabalin: data from a population-based study 138
Adverse cardiovascular events associated with triptans and ergotamines for treatment of migraine: Systematic review of observational studies 135
Prescriptions of antidepressants in primary care in Italy: pattern of use after admission of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for reimbursement 129
Adverse Events to Food Supplements Containing Red Yeast Rice: Comparative Analysis of FAERS and CAERS Reporting Systems 128
A 3 year survey on the use of antibacterial agents in five Italian hospitals. 127
Adherence to chronic cardiovascular therapies: persistence over the years and dose coverage. 126
Antibacterial macrolides: a drug class with a complex pharmacological profile 124
Antimicrobials and the Risk of Torsades de Pointes. The Contribution from Data Mining of the US FDA Adverse Event Reporting System 115
Assessing the association of pioglitazone use and bladder cancer through drug adverse event reporting 114
Antipsychotics and Torsadogenic Risk: Signals Emerging from the US FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database. 112
Switching among Equivalents in Chronic Cardiovascular Therapies: 'Real World' Data from Italy 112
Emilia-Romagna Study on Pregnancy and Exposure to Antiepileptic drugs (ESPEA): a population-based study on prescription patterns, pregnancy outcomes and fetal health 111
Biomarkers of Kidney Injury in Very-low-birth-weight Preterm Infants: Influence of Maternal and Neonatal Factors 111
An update on the first decade of the European centralized procedure: how many innovative drugs? 109
Cardiovascular events in statin recipients: impact of adherence to treatment in a 3-year record linkage study 107
Clinically important drug-drug interactions in poly-treated elderly outpatients: A campaign to improve appropriateness in general practice 105
Stronger association of drug-induced progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) with biological immunomodulating agents. 103
Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors and heart failure: Analysis of spontaneous reports submitted to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System 103
Social and clinical descriptors of antipsychotic prescription 102
Cardiovascular, Ocular and Bone Adverse Reactions Associated with Thiazolidinediones: A Disproportionality Analysis of the US FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database. 101
Assessing liver injury associated with antimycotics: Concise literature review and clues from data mining of the FAERS database 101
Pattern of drug use among preterm neonates: Results from an Italian neonatal intensive care unit 100
Association between the use of proton pump inhibitors and cardiovascular events: A note of caution 99
null 95
Drug-induced renal injury in neonates: challenges in clinical practice and perspectives in drug development 95
Association between Paraesthesia and Local Anesthetics: Data Mining of the Public Version of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, 94
The Contribution of National Spontaneous Reporting Systems to Detect Signals of Torsadogenicity: Issues Emerging from the ARITMO Project 94
Disproportionality signal of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy: monoclonal antibodies versus other immunosuppressants 92
Phytoestrogens in postmenopause: the state of the art from a chemical, pharmacological and regulatory perspective 92
The association of pancreatitis with antidiabetic drug use: gaining insight through the FDA pharmacovigilance database. 91
Changes in prevalence and pattern of drug use in a ten years period in Italy. 8th Congress of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 90
Dapagliflozin and cardiovascular outcomes: anything else to DECLARE? 90
An approach to evaluate appropriateness in the antibacterial therapy in Italian hospitals. 89
Drug-Induced Renal Damage in Preterm Neonates: State of the Art and Methods for Early Detection 88
Occurrence of Multiple Sclerosis After Drug Exposure: Insights From Evidence Mapping 87
Exposure to antibacterial agents with QT liability in 14 European countries: trends over an 8-year period. 86
Profile of atypical-antipsychotics use in patients affected by dementia in the University Hospital of Ferrara. 85
Pattern of triptan use and cardiovascular coprescription: a pharmacoepidemiological study in Italy 85
Triptans and serious adverse vascular events: Data mining of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System database 84
Paraesthesia after Local Anaesthetics: An Analysis of Reports to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System 84
Use of azithromycin and risk of ventricular arrhythmia 84
Pro-arrhythmic potential of oral antihistamines (H1): Combining adverse event reports with drug utilization data across Europe 84
null 84
Use of phytoestrogens and effects perceived by postmenopausal women: result of a questionnaire-based survey 83
Pattern of NSAID use in the Italian general population: a questionnaire-based survey. 83
Hepatitis B vaccination and the putative risk of central demyelinating diseases - A systematic review and meta-analysis 83
Initial treatment of hypertension and adherence to therapy in general practice in Italy 83
La condivisione dei trattamenti farmacologici in psichiatria e la percezione degli effetti avversi ai farmaci antipisicotici da medico, paziente e familiare 82
Gastro-intestinal problems and concomitant medication in NSAID users: additional findings from a questionnaire-based survey in Italy 81
A 5 years surveillance of antibiotic use and microbiological resistance in an Italian university hospital. 81
Myocarditis and pericarditis after immunization: Gaining insights through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 81
Review article: clinical implications of enteric and central D2 receptor blockade by antidopaminergic gastrointestinal prokinetics 80
Toxicities with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Emerging Priorities From Disproportionality Analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System 79
Recurrence of pericarditis after influenza vaccination: a case report and review of the literature 78
Comment on: “Pharmacokinetics in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease and Hepatic Safety of Incretin-Based Therapies for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus” 78
Antibiotic use in Italian hospitals 2002-2004. 77
QT interval shortening in spontaneous reports submitted to the FDA: the need for consensus 77
The hERG K+ channel: target and antitarget strategies in drug development. 77
Trend in SSRI-SNRI antidepressants prescription over a 6-year period and predictors of poor adherence 77
Excipients in medicinal products used in gastroenterology as a possible cause of side effects. 76
Multiple sclerosis as an adverse drug reaction: clues from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System 76
Long-acting injectable antipsychotics: Six-month follow-up of new outpatient treatments in Bologna Community Mental Health Centres 76
Drug-induced Kounis syndrome: A matter of pharmacovigilance 76
Trends in antiarrhythmic drug use after marketing authorization of dronedarone: comparison between Emilia Romagna (Italy) and Sweden. 75
Macrolides and Torsadogenic Risk: Emerging Issues from the FDA Pharmacovigilance Database 75
Antimicrobial-induced torsades de pointes: towards risk stratification by data mining of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. 75
Prescription patterns of antiepileptic drugs in young women: development of a tool to distinguish between epilepsy and psychiatric disorders 75
Drug-induced torsades de pointes: data mining of the public version of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS). 75
Diabetes is associated with decreased migraine risk: A nationwide cohort study 74
QT prolongation through hERG K(+) channel blockade: Current knowledge and strategies for the early prediction during drug development 74
Challenges in Repurposing Drugs in COVID-19 Pandemic. Debating on Potential New Refinements 74
Apparato Gastroenterico 73
Stroke, Migraine and Triptans: From Bedside to Bench 73
Use of antihistamines and risk of ventricular tachyarrhythmia: a nested case-control study in five European countries from the ARITMO project. 73
Developing a Method To Identify Prescribing Profiles of Antihypertensive Drugs in General Practice. 72
Cardiovascular events in statin recipients: a 3-year record-linkage study on prescription and hospital discharge databases 71
Pharmacological prioritisation of signals of disproportionate reporting: proposal of an algorithm and pilot evaluation 71
Serious Cutaneous Toxicities with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System. 70
Discontinuation of and changes in drug therapy for hypertension among newly-treated patients: a population-based study in Italy. 69
Observational research on sodium glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors: A real breakthrough? 69
Farmaci lassativi e purganti 68
null 68
null 68
Human papillomavirus vaccine and demyelinating diseases-A systematic review and meta-analysis 68
The adherence to antihypertensive treatments: an Italian survey by using prescription databases. 67
Pharmacovigilance of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitors: What a clinician should know on disproportionality analysis of spontaneous reporting systems 67
Pharmacotherapy of type 2 diabetes in patients with chronic liver disease: focus on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 67
Antibiotic Use and Microbiological Surveillance: An Ecological Study in an Italian University Hospital. 66
Drug-Induced Arrhythmia: Bridging the Gap Between Pathophysiological Knowledge and Clinical Practice 66
Risk-management of natalizumab: a drug utilization study on duration of therapy and cause of discontinuation in Emilia-Romagna region 66
null 66
Totale 9674
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