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The future of public sector accounting research. A polyphonic debate 47
What counts as “good” qualitative accounting research? Researchers' perspectives on assessing and proving research quality 21
Building legitimacy for European public sector accounting standards (EPSAS): A governance perspective 20
The future of public audit 19
The pervasive role of accounting and accountability during the COVID-19 emergency 19
Performance auditing in the public sector: A systematic literature review and future research avenues 18
Accounting for (public) value(s): reconsidering publicness in accounting research and practice 18
Contrasting and explaining purposeful and legitimizing uses of performance information: a mayor’s perspective 17
How do governments cope with austerity? The roles of accounting in shaping governmental financial resilience 16
The interplay between home and host logics of accountability in multinational corporations (MNCs): the case of the Fundão dam disaster 15
Accounting and accountability for the digital transformation of public services 15
The shaping of public services through calculative practices: The roles of accountants, citizens, professionals, and politicians 14
Theme: Experiences and challenges with gender budgeting and accounting. Moving towards gender-responsive forms of accountability? Editorial: Institutionalizing gender budgeting-contemporary experiences and future challenges 13
Digitalization, accounting and accountability: A literature review and reflections on future research in public services 13
On humans, algorithms and data 13
Fighting or supporting corruption? The role of public sector audit organizations in Brazil 12
Accounting, management and accountability in times of crisis: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic 12
Heritage: the priceless hostage of accrual accounting 11
Debate: The practical relevance of public sector accounting research; time to take a stand—A response to van Helden 10
Local government strategies in the face of shocks and crises: the role of anticipatory capacities and financial vulnerability 10
Editorial: IPSASB and academia: a promising co-operation 10
“Managing” wicked problems: Uncovering the roles of budgets, financial systems, and collaboration 10
Overseas influences on the development and recent innovations on public sector accounting and finance in latin america 9
The role(s) of accounting and performance measurement systems in contemporary public administration 9
Reconsidering public budgeting after the COVID-19 outbreak: key lessons and future challenges 9
Accounting and the post-new public management: Re-considering publicness in accounting research 8
Italian Municipalities and the fiscal crisis: four strategies for muddling through 5
Justifying Public Sector Accounting Change from the Inside: Ex-post Reflections from Three Countries 5
Public sector budgeting: a European review of accounting and public management journals 5
Contextualizing politicians’ uses of accounting information: reassurance and ammunition 5
Governmental financial resilience under austerity in Austria, England and Italy: How do local governments cope with financial shocks? 5
Framing Effects under Different Uses of Performance Information: An Experimental Study on Public Managers 4
Legitimating change in the public sector: the introduction of (rational?) accounting practices in the United Kingdom, Italy and Austria 4
"Managing successful change in the public sector": a view from the consultants' world 4
New development: Gender (responsive) budgeting—a reflection on critical issues and future challenges 4
Public budgeting in search for an identity: state of the art and future challenges 3
Exploring the links between different performance information uses, NPM cultural orientation, and organizational performance in the public sector 3
Public budgets and budgeting in Europe: State of the art and future challenges 3
What Mr. Rossi Wants in Participatory Budgeting: Two R’s (Responsiveness and Representation) and Two I’s (Inclusiveness and Interaction) 3
The participatory budgeting as a form of co-production 2
Popular reporting and public governance: The case of “Bilancio in Arancio” in Milan Municipality 2
Studying administrative reforms through textual analysis: the case of Italian central government accounting 2
Sais work against corruption in Scandinavian, South-European and African countries: An institutional analysis 2
The power of language in legitimating public-sector reforms: When politicians “talk” accounting 2
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