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Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 17
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GB - Regno Unito 1471
SE - Svezia 625
CN - Cina 587
DE - Germania 521
IT - Italia 506
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VN - Vietnam 338
IN - India 237
IE - Irlanda 218
FR - Francia 193
RU - Federazione Russa 181
EE - Estonia 97
ZA - Sudafrica 95
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JO - Giordania 49
BE - Belgio 37
SC - Seychelles 30
UZ - Uzbekistan 24
AT - Austria 20
CA - Canada 20
EU - Europa 16
GR - Grecia 16
CH - Svizzera 15
NL - Olanda 14
IR - Iran 13
CI - Costa d'Avorio 10
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LB - Libano 9
ES - Italia 8
AU - Australia 5
BR - Brasile 5
NG - Nigeria 5
RO - Romania 5
TR - Turchia 5
FI - Finlandia 4
SG - Singapore 4
BG - Bulgaria 3
PL - Polonia 3
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
MC - Monaco 2
TH - Thailandia 2
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AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
BD - Bangladesh 1
CL - Cile 1
DK - Danimarca 1
HR - Croazia 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IL - Israele 1
KR - Corea 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
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NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
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Dong Ket 193
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Taiyuan 6
Venezia 6
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Napoli 4
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Scorzè 4
Solignano 4
Abeokuta 3
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Andover 3
Ardabil 3
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Den Haag 3
Elora 3
Grafing 3
Hamilton 3
Kashan 3
Leawood 3
Modena 3
Moscow 3
Naples 3
North Bergen 3
Totale 7781
Nome #
Aura uditiva in pazienti con epilessia uditiva 180
Genetic polymorphism of catechol-O-methyltransferase and levodopa pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic pattern in patients with Parkinson's disease. 175
Clinical features and long term outcome of epilepsy in periventricular nodular heterotopia. Simple compared with plus forms. 167
Autonomic innervation in multiple system atrophy and pure autonomic failure. 149
Brain diffusion-weighted imaging in Friedreich's ataxia. 146
Defective Mitochondrial Adenosine Triphosphate Production in Skeletal Muscle From Patients With Dominant Optic Atrophy Due to OPA1 Mutations 145
Generalised anhidrosis: different lesion sites demonstrated by microneurography and skin biopsy. 143
Agrypnia Excitata: a microneurographic study of muscle sympathetic nerve activity. 141
Messenger RNA processing is altered in autosomal dominant leukodystrophy 140
A new case of Sando syndrome and retinitis pigmentosa with novel combination of compound heterozygous POLG mutations. 140
Anhidrosis in multiple system atrophy: a preganglionic sudomotor dysfunction? 137
The effect of a clinically practical exercise on levodopa bioavailability and motor response in patients with Parkinson disease. 133
Definition of miRNAs expression profile in glioblastoma samples: the relevance of non-neoplastic brain reference. 127
The ND1 gene of complex I is a mutational hot spot for Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy. 127
Levetiracetam therapeutic monitoring in patients with epilepsy: effect of concomitant antiepileptic drugs. 126
Expression of 19 microRNAs in glioblastoma and comparison with other brain neoplasia of grades I–III 123
Videopolygraphic and functional MRI study of musicogenic epilepsy. A case report and literature review. 122
miRNAs expression analysis in paired fresh/frozen and dissected formalin fixed and paraffin embedded glioblastoma using real-time pCR. 119
Attività nervosa simpatica ed ipersonnia in pazienti con Sindrome delle Apnee Ostruttive nel Sonno. 118
Fattori prognostici in 170 pazienti con epilessia temporale mesiale 117
Effect of deep brain stimulation of the posterior hypothalamic area on the cardiovascular system in chronic cluster headache patients. 115
Erratum to: Incidence of neuroepithelial primary brain tumors among adult population of Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy 114
Which elderly newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients can benefit from radiotherapy and temozolomide? A PERNO prospective study 114
Endozepines in recurrent stupor. 113
Daytime sympathetic hyperactivity in OSAS is related to excessive daytime sleepiness. 112
BRAF V600E mutation in neocortical posterior temporal epileptogenic gangliogliomas 112
Oncocytic glioblastoma: a glioblastoma showing oncocytic changes and increased mitochondrial DNA copy number 112
Effects of different experimental conditions on the PrPSc core generated by protease digestion: implications for strain typing and molecular classification of CJD. 111
Habituation of sympathetic sudomotor and vasomotor skin responses: neural and non-neural components in healthy subjects. 111
Preganglionic sudomotor nerve fiber lesion in a patient with Multiple System Atrophy and generalized anhidrosis. 111
Variation in Lamotrigine Plasma Concentrations with Hormonal Contraceptive Monthly Cycles in Patients with Epilepsy 111
Idiopathic partial epilepsy with auditory features (IPEAF): a clinical and genetic study of 53 sporadic cases. 111
Progetto Neurooncologia Emilia Romagna - PERNO 110
Prognostic factors in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy 110
Incidence of neuroepithelial primary brain tumors among adult population of Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy 110
Levetiracetam clinical pharmacokinetics in elderly and very elderly patients with epilepsy 109
Immediate (overnight) switching from carbamazepine to oxcarbazepine monotherapy is equivalent to a progressive switch. 108
Lateralizing value of the auditory aura in partial seizures. 107
Anidrosi generalizzata: differenti sedi lesionali evidenziate attraverso la biopsia cutanea e la microneurografia. 106
Arousal elicits exaggerated inhibition of sympathetic nerve activity in phobic syncope patients. 106
Idebenone treatment in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy. 106
Severe impairment of Complex I-driven adenosine triphosphate synthesis in leber hereditarfy optic neuropathy cybrids 104
Dopamine transporter gene polymorphism, spect imaging, and levodopa response in patients with Parkinson disease. 103
Un anno di follow-up nei pazienti con epilessia parziale che hanno completato il passaggio da carbamazepina a excarbazepina. 102
The 13042G>A/ND5 mutation in mtDNA is pathogenic and can be associated also with a prevalent ocular phenotype. 102
Sporadic fatal insomnia in a fatal familial insomnia pedigree. 102
Epilepsy in primary cerebral tumors: the characteristics of epilepsy at the onset (results from the PERNO study--Project of Emilia Romagna Region on Neuro-Oncology). 102
Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE): prognostic factors 101
A wide range of 3243A>G/tRNALeu(UUR) (MELAS) mutation loads may segregate in offspring through the female germline bottleneck. 101
Pre-symptomatic diagnosis in fatal familial insomnia: serial neurophysiological and 18FDG-PET studies 100
Attività nervosa simpatico muscolare in un paziente affetto da sindrome di Eaton-Lambert ed ipertensione arteriosa. 98
Oxcarbazepine long-term treatment retention in patients switched over from carbamazepine 98
Attività nervosa simpatico muscolare e pressione arteriosa in pazienti Tilt positivi e Tilt negativi con sincope vasovagale. 98
Ictal characteristics of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: what we have learned from video/EEG recordings - a literature review. 97
Immunoproteasome in cancer and neuropathologies: a new therapeutic target? 96
Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of lamotrigine, oxcarbazepine monohydroxy derivative and felbamate in plasma of patients with epilepsy 96
Relationship between adverse effects of antiepileptic drugs, number of coprescribed drugs, and drug load in a large cohort of consecutive patients with drug-refractory epilepsy. 95
Simple and validated HPLC-UV analysis of levetiracetam in deproteinized plasma of patients with epilepsy. 94
Kinetic-dynamic monitoring of levetiracetam effects in patients with Parkinson disease and levodopa-induced dyskinesias. 94
The effect of entacapone on levodopa rate of absorption and latency to motor response in patients with Parkinson disease. 93
A prospective study of direct medical costs in a large cohort of consecutively enrolled patients with refractory epilepsy in Italy 93
Simultaneous HPLC-UV analysis of rufinamide, zonisamide, lamotrigine, oxcarbazepine monohydroxy derivative and felbamate in deproteinized plasma of patients with epilepsy. 92
Anhidrosis in patients trated with Topiramate. 92
Unexpected gamma glutamyltransferase rise increase during levetiracetam monotherapy. 92
Tailored surgery for drug-resistant epilepsy due to temporal pole encephalocele and microdysgenesis. 90
Loss of temporal retinal nerve fibers in Parkinson disease: a mitochondrial pattern? 89
Effetto della CPAP e della terapia chirurgica sull'attività simpatico muscolare e sulla pressione arteriosa in un paziente con OSAS ed ipertensione. 88
Fattori prognostici in 170 pazienti con epilessia temporale mesiale (ETM) 88
Levetiracetam therapy in patients with brain tumour and epilepsy 88
Comparison of levetiracetam and controlled-release carbamazepine in newly diagnosed epilepsy. 87
SPARTACUS: underdiagnosis of chronic daily headache in primary care. 87
Muscle and skin sympathetic activities in Ross syndrome 85
Idebenone treatment in patients with OPA1-mutant dominant optic atrophy. 85
A new potential biomarker for dementia with Lewy bodies 85
Characterization of optic neuropathy in Friedreich Ataxia. 83
Deficit of in vivo mitochondrial ATP production in OPA1-related dominant optic atrophy. 81
Esagerata inibizione dell'attività simpatica indotta da stimoli di arousal in pazienti fobici con sincope vasovagale. 80
Melanopsin retinal ganglion cell loss in Alzheimer's disease 80
CPAP treatment lowers sympathetic nerve activity and blood pressure in hypertensive obstructive sleep apnoea patients. 79
Lacosamide therapeutic monitoring in patients with epilepsy: effect of concomitant antiepileptic drugs. 79
Generalised anhidrosis: different lesion sites demonstrated by microneurography and skin biopsy. 79
High frequency of migraine-only patients negative for the 3243 A>G tRNALeu mtDNA mutation in two MELAS families. 78
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease associated with the R208H mutation in the prion protein gene 78
The Prognostic Roles of Gender and O6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase Methylation Status in Glioblastoma Patients: The Female Power 78
Lower wake resting sympathetic and cardiovascular activities in narcolepsy with cataplexy. 77
Parallel changes in resting muscle sympathetic nerve activity and blood pressure in a hypertensive OSAS patient demonstrate treatment efficacy. 77
Small fiber neuropathy in female patients with fabry disease. 77
Il trattamento con CPAP riduce l'attività simpatica e la pressione arteriosa in pazienti con Sindrome delle Apnee Ostruttive nel Sonno ed ipertensione. 76
Temozolomide treatment does not affect topiramate and oxcarbazepine plasma concentrations in chronically treated patients with brain tumor-related epilepsy. 76
Peripheral autonomic neuropathy: diagnostic contribution of skin biopsy 76
POLG mutations causing ophthalmoplegia, sensorimotor polyneuropathy, ataxia, and deafness. 76
Generalised anhidrosis: different lesion sites demonstrated by microneurography and skin biopsy. 75
Focal myoclonus and dystonia associated with celiac disease. 74
Dominant Optic Atrophy (DOA) and Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Clinical, Biochemical, Spectroscopic and Molecular Genetic Study of a Large Italian Pedigree Linked to a New Locus on Chromosome 16 73
Muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) and blood pressure (BP) in Tilt positive and Tilt-negative vasovagal syncope. 72
Corrigendum: Messenger RNA processing is altered in autosomal dominant leukodystrophy [Human Molecular Genetics, 24 (2015) (2746-2756)] DOI:10.1093/hmg/ddv034 71
Arousal induces exaggerated inhibition of sympathetic nerve activity in phobic patients with a history of vasovagal syncope. 70
Extreme variability in genotype/phenotype correlation in an Italian family carrying the mtDNA A3243G/tRNALeu(UUR) MELAS mutation. 70
Microneurographic evaluation of sympathetic activity in small fiber neuropathy. 70
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