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OC - Oceania 1
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CA - Canada 8
IT - Italia 6
FR - Francia 2
HK - Hong Kong 2
SE - Svezia 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
AU - Australia 1
DE - Germania 1
IE - Irlanda 1
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Boardman 6
Los Angeles 6
Miami 6
Toronto 6
Chicago 5
Atlanta 4
New York 4
Bologna 3
Crugers 3
Catania 2
Cedar Knolls 2
Easton 2
Herndon 2
Providence 2
Reston 2
San Francisco 2
Stockholm 2
Ashburn 1
Brooklyn 1
Buffalo 1
Dallas 1
Denver 1
Dubai 1
Dublin 1
Dulles 1
Fleming Island 1
Hamilton 1
Henderson 1
Las Vegas 1
Lethbridge 1
Lincoln 1
Melbourne 1
Milan 1
Nantes 1
Stuttgart 1
Tempe 1
Totale 85
Nome #
The ANTARES optical module, file e1dcb339-d4bc-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 18
Muon astronomy with the MACRO detector, file 9a5f8b48-b833-448f-81a2-7e6c5e18d47a 10
Study of penetrating cosmic ray muons and search for large scale anisotropies at the Gran Sasso Laboratory, file e1dcb339-7d66-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 5
The OPERA experiment, file e1dcb32f-f40b-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 4
Determination of the muon charge sign with the dipolar spectrometers of the OPERA experiment, file e1dcb330-248d-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 4
Fragmentation cross section of 158 A GeV Pb ions in various targets measured with CR39 nuclear track detectors, file e1dcb339-8ca8-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 4
Sedimentation and fouling of optical surfaces at the ANTARES site, file e1dcb339-a2bd-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 4
The performance of MACRO liquid scintillator in the search for magnetic monopoles with 10-3<1, file e1dcb339-d073-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 4
Momentum measurement by the multiple Coulomb scattering method in the OPERA lead-emulsion target, file e1dcb32d-8158-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Search for neutrino emission from gamma-ray flaring blazars with the ANTARES telescope, file e1dcb32e-58bd-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Search for magnetic monopoles with the MoEDAL prototype trapping detector in 8 TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC, file e1dcb32f-44a3-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Search for the sidereal and solar diurnal modulations in the total MACRO muon data set, file e1dcb339-8788-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
A combined analysis technique for the search for fast magnetic monopoles with the MACRO detector, file e1dcb339-a2b9-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Atmospheric neutrino oscillations from upward throughgoing muon multiple scattering in MACRO, file e1dcb339-b172-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Measurement of the energy spectrum of underground muons at Gran Sasso with a transition radiation detector, file e1dcb339-ccf3-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Nuclearite search with the macro detector at Gran Sasso, file e1dcb339-dde2-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 3
Search for neutrino emission from gamma-ray flaring blazars with the ANTARES telescope, file e1dcb32c-35f8-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Seasonal variations in the underground muon intensity as seen by MACRO, file e1dcb339-7f27-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Limits on dark matter WIMPs using upward-going muons in the MACRO detector, file e1dcb339-b16f-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Matter effects in upward-going muons and sterile neutrino oscillations, file e1dcb339-b183-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
High statistics measurement of the underground muon pair separation at Gran Sasso, file e1dcb339-c034-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Search for cosmic ray sources using muons detected by the MACRO experiment, file e1dcb339-c524-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Arrival time distributions of very high energy cosmic ray muons in MACRO, file e1dcb339-cf5d-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Moon and Sun shadowing effect in the MACRO detector, file e1dcb339-dda3-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Study of the primary cosmic ray composition around the knee of the energy spectrum, file e1dcb339-e148-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Performance of the MACRO streamer tube system in the search for magnetic monopoles, file e1dcb339-e48f-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Magnetic monopole search with the MACRO detector at Gran Sasso, file e1dcb339-e4bc-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Search for diffuse neutrino flux from astrophysical sources with MACRO, file e1dcb339-e6d6-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
The observation of up-going charged particles produced by high energy muons in underground detectors, file e1dcb339-8ca2-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Search for lightly ionizing particles with the MACRO detector, file e1dcb339-afc5-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
High energy cosmic ray physics with underground muons in MACRO. II. Primary spectra and composition, file e1dcb339-afc7-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Muon energy estimate through multiple scattering with the MACRO detector, file e1dcb339-c1ec-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Low energy atmospheric muon neutrinos in MACRO, file e1dcb339-da15-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Final results of magnetic monopole searches with the MACRO experiment: The MACRO collaboration, file e1dcb339-dde0-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
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