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Nome #
Systematic review and meta-analysis of isolated posterior fossa malformations on prenatal imaging (part 2): neurodevelopmental outcome, file e1dcb32e-58db-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 11
The use of intrapartum ultrasound to diagnose malpositions and cephalic malpresentations, file e1dcb330-4804-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 11
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Prospective evaluation of the risk of pre-eclampsia using logistic regression analysis., file e1dcb32c-056b-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
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Reliability of new three-dimensional ultrasound technique for pelvic hiatal area measurement, file e1dcb32d-e4a3-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Prenatal diagnosis versus first-trimester screening of trisomy 21 among pregnant women aged 35 or more, file e1dcb32e-5bd6-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
Risk of 22q11.2 deletion in fetuses with right aortic arch and without intracardiac anomalies, file e1dcb32f-267b-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
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null, file e1dcb330-a44d-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 2
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null, file e1dcb330-54c4-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
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Prenatal and postnatal imaging of multiple intracranial lipomas: report of a case., file e1dcb330-7c92-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Pocket Brain, an interactive, web-based ultrasound atlas of normal and abnormal fetal brain development, file e1dcb330-9cdf-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
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Automated Measurement of the Angle of Progression in Labor: A Feasibility and Reliability Study, file e1dcb332-3f60-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Risk of Fetal Loss in Pregnancies Undergoing Midtrimester Amniocentesis after Inconclusive Chorionic Villus Sampling, file e1dcb334-2433-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Coronavirus disease 2019 during pregnancy: a systematic review of reported cases, file e1dcb335-fcaf-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
The dynamic change of the anteroposterior diameter of the levator hiatus under Valsalva maneuver at term and labor outcome, file e1dcb335-fcb2-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
Gravidanza multipla e malformazioni, file e1dcb336-6832-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
SARS-CoV-2 vaccination modelling for safe surgery to save lives: data from an international prospective cohort study, file e1dcb338-2762-7715-e053-1705fe0a6cc9 1
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