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3D modeling of discontinuities using GPR in a commercial size ornamental limestone block Elkarmoty, Mohamed; Tinti, Francesco; Kasmaeeyazdi, Sara; Bonduà, Stefano; Bruno, Roberto 2018-01-01 CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
A method to evaluate the impact of urbanization on ground temperature evolution at regional scale Kasmaee, Sara; Tinti, Francesco 2018-01-01 RUDARSKO-GEOLOSKO-NAFTNI ZBORNIK - 1.01 Articolo in rivista Kasmaee_et_al_2018.pdf
Suitability Evaluation of Specific Shallow Geothermal Technologies Using a GIS-Based Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Implementing the Analytic Hierarchic Process Tinti, Francesco; Kasmaee, Sara; Elkarmoty, Mohamed; Bonduà, Stefano; Bortolotti, Villiam 2018-01-01 ENERGIES - 1.01 Articolo in rivista Tinti_et_Al_Energies.pdf
Studio di fattibilità per lo sfruttamento geotermico delle Gallerie del Brennero Matteo Lanconelli; Antonio Voza; Harald Egger; Raffaele Zurlo; Daniela Boldini; Francesco Tinti; ...Marco Ferrari; Sara Kasmaee 2018-01-01 GALLERIE E GRANDI OPERE SOTTERRANEE - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Performance comparison between a typical very shallow and an innovative configuration of ground heat exchangers Francesco Tinti, Kristina Strpic, Sara Kasmaee, Sara Focaccia, Emanuele Bedeschi, Andrea Verdecch...ia, Alberto Barbaresi, Paolo Macini 2019-01-01 - - 4.01 Contributo in Atti di convegno -
Geostatistical Estimation of Multi-Domain Deposits with Transitional Boundaries: A Sensitivity Study for the Sechahun Iron Mine Kasmaee, Sara; Raspa, Giuseppe; de Fouquet, Chantal; Tinti, Francesco; Bonduà, Stefano; Bruno, Ro...berto 2019-01-01 MINERALS - 1.01 Articolo in rivista minerals_Kasmaee_et_al_.pdf
How different data supports affect geostatistical modelling: the new aggregation method and comparison with the classical regularisation and the theoretical punctual model Kasmaeeyazdi, Sara; Raspa, Giuseppe; De Fouquet, Chantal; Tinti, Francesco; Bonduà, Stefano; Brun...o, Roberto 2020-01-01 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MINING, RECLAMATION AND ENVIRONMENT - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Evaluating the correlation between ground information and satellite spectral data by geostatistical tools Roberto Bruno, Sara Kasmaeeyazdi, Francesco Tinti, Emanuele Mandanici 2020-01-01 - EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers 4.01 Contributo in Atti di convegno -
The application of a stockpile stochastic model into long-term open pit mine production scheduling to improve the feed grade for the processing plant Gholamnejad J.; Azimi A.; Lotfian R.; Kasmaeeyazdi S.; Tinti F. 2020-01-01 RUDARSKO-GEOLOSKO-NAFTNI ZBORNIK - 1.01 Articolo in rivista Stochastic_Stockpile_Gholamnejadetal2020.pdf
Application of geostatistical analysis interacting with the earth observation data for recovery of raw materials from mining residuals (stockpiles and tailings): research projects at University of Bologna. Sara Kasmaeeyazdi, Mandanici E., Tinti Francesco., Bondua S., Bruno Roberto 2020-01-01 - - 4.03 Poster -
A practical, long-term production scheduling model in open pit mines using integer linear programming Gholamnejad, J; Lotfian, R; Kasmaeeyazdi, S 2020-01-01 Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Spatial Component Analysis to Improve Mineral Estimation Using Sentinel-2 Band Ratio: Application to a Greek Bauxite Residue Bruno, Roberto; Kasmaeeyazdi, Sara; Tinti, Francesco; Mandanici, Emanuele; Balomenos, Efthymios 2021-01-01 MINERALS - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Mapping bauxite mining residues using remote sensing techniques Sara Kasmaeeyazdi, Roberto Braga, Emanuele Mandanici, Francesco Tinti 2021-01-01 - - 4.01 Contributo in Atti di convegno Mapping bauxite.pdf
Copernicus data to boost raw material source management: Illustrations from the RawMatCop programme Sara Kasmaeeyazdi; Mehdi Abdolmaleki; Elsy Ibrahim; Jingyi Jiang; Ignacio Marzan; Irene Benito Ro...dr??guez 2021-01-01 RESOURCES POLICY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Challenges in the sampling and characterisation of mining residues for CRMs recovery Guatame-Garcia, Adriana; Buxton, Mike; Kasmaee, Sara; Tinti, Francesco; Horta Arduin, Rachel; Mas... Fons, Aina; Bodenan, Francoise; Schick, Joachim 2021-01-01 - - 4.01 Contributo in Atti di convegno -
Mapping of aluminum concentration in bauxite mining residues using sentinel-2 imagery Kasmaeeyazdi S.; Mandanici E.; Balomenos E.; Tinti F.; Bonduà Stefano; Bruno R. 2021-01-01 REMOTE SENSING - 1.01 Articolo in rivista remotesensing-13-01517-v3_Optimized.pdf
Best practices for characterising mine wastes towards a mineral recovery assessment: a concept Mike Buxton, Adriana Guatame-Garcia, Francesco Tinti, Sara Kasmaeeyazdi 2021-01-01 - - 4.01 Contributo in Atti di convegno -
Mapping Bauxite Mining Residues Using Remote Sensing Techniques Kasmaeeyazdi, Sara; Braga, Roberto; Tinti, Francesco; Mandanici, Emanuele 2022-01-01 MATERIALS PROCEEDINGS MDPI 4.01 Contributo in Atti di convegno materproc-05-00091.pdf
Mapping Co-Cr-Cu and Fe Occurrence in a Legacy Mining Waste Using Geochemistry and Satellite Imagery Analyses Sara Kasmaeeyazdi; Enrico Dinelli; Roberto Braga 2022-01-01 APPLIED SCIENCES - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
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