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Putative functional polymorphisms of MMP9 predict survival of NSCLC in a Chinese population Jin, G.; Miao, R.; Hu, Z.; Xu, L.; Huang, X.; Chen, Y.; Tian, T.; Wei, Q.; Boffetta, P.; Shen, H. 2009-01-01 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Understanding the mechanism of direct visible-light-activated [2 + 2] cycloadditions mediated by Rh and Ir photocatalysts: combined computational and spectroscopic studies Jung H.; Hong M.; Marchini M.; Villa M.; Steinlandt P.S.; Huang X.; Hemming M.; Meggers E.; Ceroni P.; Park J.; Baik M.-H. 2021-01-01 CHEMICAL SCIENCE - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Disclosing the Role of Gold on Palladium – Gold Alloyed Supported Catalysts in Formic Acid Decomposition Barlocco I.; Capelli S.; Lu X.; Bellomi S.; Huang X.; Wang D.; Prati L.; Dimitratos N.; Roldan A.; Villa A. 2021-01-01 CHEMCATCHEM - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
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