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Synthesis, conformational studies, binding assessment and liposome insertion of a thioether-bridged mimetic of the antigen GM3 ganglioside lactone Toma L.; Di Cola E.; Ienco A.; Legnani L.; Lunghi C.; Moneti G.; Richichi B.; Ristori S.; Dell'Atti D.; Nativi C. 2007-01-01 CHEMBIOCHEM - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Alternative mechanistic paths in the Hetero-Diels-Alder reaction of α-oxothiones: A theoretical study Legnani L.; Lunghi C.; Albini F.M.; Nativi C.; Richichi B.; Toma L. 2007-01-01 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Structural study of liposomes loaded with a GM3 lactone analogue for the targeting of tumor epitopes Ristori S.; Di Cola E.; Lunghi C.; Richichi B.; Nativi C. 2009-01-01 BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Stereoselective synthesis of 1,3-disaccharides through diels-alder reactions: Part 2[ ]: Convenient protecting groups for heterodienes and conformational evaluations Gabrielli G.; Melani F.; Bernasconi S.; Lunghi C.; Richichi B.; Rollin P.; Venturi C.; Nativi C. 2009-01-01 JOURNAL OF CARBOHYDRATE CHEMISTRY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Stable GM3 lactone mimetic raises antibodies specific for the antigens expressed on melanoma cells Arcangeli A.; Toma L.; Contiero L.; Crociani O.; Legnani L.; Lunghi C.; Nesti E.; Moneti G.; Richichi B.; Nativi C. 2010-01-01 BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Prevalence of Depression in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in Quebec Carlotta Lunghi; Jocelyne Moisan; Jean-Pierre Gr{'{e}}goire; Line Gu{'{e}}nette 2013-01-01 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF DIABETES - 1.06 Abstract in rivista -
Sialylexoenitols as precursors for new analogues of sialidase inhibitors Richichi B.; Lunghi C.; Papakyriakou A.; Francesconi O.; Nativi C. 2013-01-01 PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Association Between Depression And Discontinuation With Antidiabetic Drugs Lunghi C; Moisan J; Grégoire J; Guénette L; 2015-01-01 VALUE IN HEALTH - 1.06 Abstract in rivista -
The Association Between Depression and Medication Non-Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes: A Population-Based Cohort Study Carlotta Lunghi; Ars{`{e}}ne Zongo; Jocelyne Moisan; Jean-Pierre Gr{'{e}}goire; Line Gu{'{e}}nette 2016-01-01 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF DIABETES - 1.06 Abstract in rivista -
Incidence of depression and associated factors in patients with type 2 diabetes in Quebec, Canada Lunghi C.; Moisan J.; Gregoire J.-P.; Guenette L. 2016-01-01 MEDICINE - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
The impact of incident depression on medication adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes Lunghi C.; Zongo A.; Moisan J.; Gregoire J.-P.; Guenette L. 2017-01-01 DIABETES & METABOLISM - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Factors associated with antidiabetic medication non-adherence in patients with incident comorbid depression Lunghi C.; Zongo A.; Moisan J.; Gregoire J.-P.; Guenette L. 2017-01-01 JOURNAL OF DIABETES AND ITS COMPLICATIONS - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
The Association between Depression and Medication Nonpersistence in New Users of Antidiabetic Drugs Lunghi C.; Moisan J.; Gregoire J.-P.; Guenette L. 2017-01-01 VALUE IN HEALTH - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Scholarly publishing depends on peer reviewers Fernandez-Llimos F.; Berti A.D.; Yeung D.; Yusuff K.B.; El Zowalaty M.E.; Adane E.D.; Al-Aqeel S.; Al-Jumaili A.A.; Alili-Idrizi E.; Andelkovic M.; Aranha A.; Arief M.; Arkaravichien W.; Armoiry X.; Attarabeen O.F.; Ayoub N.; Bajorek B.V.; Beninger P.; Billups S.J.; Bowen J.F.; Bouwmeester C.; Campbell P.; Chan V.; Connor S.E.; Danziger L.H.; Dawood O.T.; Dunnenberger M.; Elrouby S.; Fakih S.; Abu Farha R.K.; Figueiredo I.V.; Foroutan N.; Forsythe L.E.; Frail C.K.; Friesner D.; Funk K.; Gaither C.; Gallimore C.E.; Gan V.; Garcia B.H.; Gaskins J.L.; Gastelurrutia M.A.; Gatwood J.; Genord C.K.; Gilliam E.; Goodbar N.H.; Gossell-Williams M.; Grundy Q.; Guenette L.; Hadi M.A.; Hallit S.; Hammond D.A.; Hawasli R.S.; Herdeiro M.T.; Hermansyah A.; Hincapie A.L.; Hoehns J.D.; Hossain L.N.; Hudspeth B.; Ibrahim M.I.B.M.; Islahudin F.; Jacobsen R.; Jones M.; Kalvemark Sporrong S.; Kantelhardt P.; Katangwe T.; Katoue M.G.; King S.R.; Kinnear M.; Kouladjian O'Donnell L.; Kovacevic S.V.; Krass I.; Kraus S.K.; Lakic D.; Larson D.; LeMay K.; Loh B.C.; Lowres N.; Luetsch K.; Lunghi C.; Lyra D.P.; Ma C.S.; MacDonald E.A.; Mancuso M.A.; Mazhar F.; McCarthy L.; McComb M.; McFarland M.S.; Mehralian G.; Merks P.; Modun D.; Mohammed M.A.; Motulsky A.; Mukattash T.L.; Nabhani-Gebara S.; Najafi S.; Ni W.; Nitadpakorn S.; Ogbo P.U.; Palaian S.; Patel R.J.; Payne M.H.; Peaslee A.K.; Pereira L.R.; Perry T.D.; Phan Y.; Plage S.; Prybylski J.P.; Quffa L.H.; Raka L.; Ramos-Esquivel A.; Ramsbottom H.; Rayes I.K.; Rodriguez J.V.; Rosenthal M.; Sadowski C.A.; Sage A.; Salgado T.M.; Saw P.S.; Schafer K.M.; Schutte T.; Shafie A.A.; Shah R.M.; Sharma A.; Shehnaz S.I.; Shiyanbola O.O.; Siitonen P.; Skinner I.; Snyder M.E.; Stewart D.; Strang A.; Stranges P.M.; Sultana K.; Surbhi S.; Suzen H.S.; Swieczkowski D.; Tasaka C.L.; Taylor A.M.; Theberge C.R.; Travlos D.V.; Turner J.R.; Vandenberk B.; Wettergreen S.A.; White C.M.; Wietholter J.P.; Wirth F.; Young A.; Zembles T. 2018-01-01 PHARMACY PRACTICE - 1.03 Recensione in rivista -
Use of Quebec medico-administrative databases for mental health studies: Opportunities, methodological challenges and limitations – The case of depression among diabetic subjects Lunghi C.; Zongo A.; Guenette L. 2018-01-01 SANTE MENTALE AU QUEBEC - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Early career researchers’ perspectives and roles in patient-oriented research Rouleau G.; Belisle-Pipon J.-C.; Birko S.; Karazivan P.; Fernandez N.; Bilodeau K.; Chao Y.-S.; De Pokomandy A.; Foley V.; Gagnon B.; Guerra S.G.; Khanji C.; Lamoureux-Lamarche C.; Lebouche B.; Lunghi C.; Menear M.; Riverin B.D.; Rodrigue C. 2018-01-01 RESEARCH INVOLVEMENT AND ENGAGEMENT - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
The delicate choice of optimal basic therapy for multimorbid older adults: A cross-sectional survey Sirois C.; Lunghi C.; Laroche M.-L.; Maheux A.; Frini A. 2019-01-01 RESEARCH IN SOCIAL & ADMINISTRATIVE PHARMACY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Polypharmacy Definitions for Multimorbid Older Adults Need Stronger Foundations to Guide Research, Clinical Practice and Public Health Sirois, Caroline; Domingues, Nelia Sofia; Laroche, Marie-Laure; Zongo, Arsène; Lunghi, Carlotta; Guénette, Line; Kröger, Edeltraut; Émond, Valérie 2019-01-01 PHARMACY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Prevalence and determinants of long-term utilization of antidepressant drugs: A retrospective cohort study Lunghi C.; Antonazzo I.C.; Burato S.; Raschi E.; Zoffoli V.; Forcesi E.; Sangiorgi E.; Menchetti M.; Roberge P.; Poluzzi E. 2020-01-01 NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISEASE AND TREATMENT - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Exposure to guideline-recommended drugs after a first acute myocardial infarction in older adults: does deprivation matter? Akator A.E.; Blais C.; Gamache P.; Lunghi C.; Guenette L. 2020-01-01 PHARMACOEPIDEMIOLOGY AND DRUG SAFETY - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
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