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Photoelectrochromism in the Retinal Protonated Schiff Base Chromophore: Photoisomerization Speed and Selectivity under a Homogeneous Electric Field at Different Operational Regimes El-Tahawy, Mohsen M. T.; Nenov, Artur; Garavelli, Marco 2016-01-01 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Intramolecular photo-induced charge transfer in visual retinal chromophore mimics: electron density-based indices at the TD-DFT and post-HF levels Demoulin, Baptiste; El-Tahawy, Mohsen M. T.; Nenov, Artur; Garavelli, Marco; Le Bahers, Tangui 2016-01-01 THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY ACCOUNTS - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Relationship between Excited State Lifetime and Isomerization Quantum Yield in Animal Rhodopsins: Beyond the One-Dimensional Landau-Zener Model El-Tahawy Mohsen M. T., Nenov Artur, Weingart Oliver, Olivucci Massimo, Garavelli Marco 2018-01-01 THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS - 1.01 Articolo in rivista 646466_postprint cop.pdf646466_SI-1.pdf
Tailoring Spectral and Photochemical Properties of Bioinspired Retinal Mimics by in Silico Engineering El-Tahawy M.M.T.; Conti I.; Bonfanti M.; Nenov A.; Garavelli M. 2020-01-01 ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Synthesis, physicochemical and vibrational spectral properties of 2–pyridone and 2–aminopyridine derivatives: An experimental and theoretical study Keshk R.M.; Garavelli M.; El-Tahawy M.M.T. 2021-01-01 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE - 1.01 Articolo in rivista JMS_revised_manuscript_16_06_20_MG.pdf
Luciferase-free Luciferin Electrochemiluminescence Belotti M.; El-Tahawy M.M.T.; Yu L.-J.; Russell I.C.; Darwish N.; Coote M.L.; Garavelli M.; Ciamp...i S. 2022-01-01 ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
Electrochemically Generated Luminescence of Luminol and Luciferin in Ionic Liquids Belotti M.; El-Tahawy M.M.T.; Darwish N.; Garavelli M.; Ciampi S. 2023-01-01 CHEMELECTROCHEM - 1.01 Articolo in rivista -
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